Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Don't look now but it's January 20th Trivial History!

A wonderfully sweltering something or other day awaits you all ...while I shall be dipping my not-so-dainty tootsies in the salty brine at Mordialloc Beach.
Fear not!
I shant be divesting myself of the miles of fabric I refer to as clothing to don a swimsuit as both Greenpeace and PETA have warned me that I shall not only be rolled back in (and coralled out to open water) but that I'd have the beach swarming with Japanese whalers within a heartbeat.
And I'm so not doing a sushi side dish.
*Edit - I shall be parking my posterior at home and not venturing out into 37 C heat for love nor money.
The beach remains a safe haven for families.

1788 The last of the First Fleet finally limped into Botany Bay, late due to playing silly buggers up the back of the fleet when Governor Phillip wasn't looking.

1854 I have a notation stating that " a fire destroyed a city block in Hobart".
What city block that may have been or how the fire began I have not the foggiest.
Obviously one of those notes I didn't get off my rear to investigate properly, so if you happen to know the juicy gossip of this fire, let me in on the secret!

1882 New Zealand's first sewerage farm began doin' its stuff when the drainage pumping station (most importantly!) did its stuff on this day.

1898 Bushfires swept through the Otway Ranges, and both the South and West Gippsland districts of Victoria, flaring up again later on February 1 and becoming known as Red Tuesday for the ferocity of the flames and loss of life.

1952 Excitingly the first express choo choo made its way between Melbourne and Adelaide.

1957 Sir Edmund Hillary had a free spot in his dance card so he established the Kiwi's main presence in Antarctica in the form of Scott Base.

1984 Across the ditch they were gettin' funky with Billy Joel's Uptown Girl.
 As was Billy Joel himself...
Not to mention the Oc. Health and Safety issues in that garage!

1986 We thought we were all that while bopping away to Starship's We Built This City.
And some of us were all that...until all that disappeared with nappies and kids.

1998 Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
Oh, well, ok, if you insist....the Metcard ticketing system began making its presence felt on several railway stations around Melbourne.

2003 Trade Union Leader John Halfpenny left the Trades Hall of Life for good.


  1. "New Zealand's first sewerage farm began doin' its stuff..."

    Ah...that'd be the Lord of the Rings trilogy being made then.

  2. Strangely Peter Jackson's early effort Bad Taste had the whiff of the farm about it, Brian...until the next generation made it into a cult hit lol.

  3. NOoooooo! Not Peter Jackson, I adore him, please be nice.

    I envy you being able to hide out at home. The girls and I have to drag our sorry selves over to Brunswick today for 1.30pm speech therapy.

  4. 37 yikes! We're due for that horrid hot weather to return. Looking forward to that, not.

  5. ...its only 30 here today - refreshingly cool!

  6. That's what videos need more of today. Wrench Juggling.

  7. lol at Brian, gosh I love his quick wit. Very clever Brian. Wow Jane at that heat, 37!! I wrote today I love summer but not that hot!!

  8. I got dragged out to collect a sickly Feral Queen from her cave to visit the local doctor, Marita.

    Pull a sickie and have the day at the beach, Anja.

    That's nice and civilised, Amanda, can I order that for the rest of Summer ? :P

    Makes you wanna run out and hump the leg of the nearest mechanic, Evyl :P

    I'm with you on that one, Janine!

  9. 1952 seems to have been the year for express happenings. I was born in that year, at home, since mum didn't have time to get to the hospital.

  10. Crikey, River, that must have been frightening for your mum!

  11. Hi Jayne - the FrockBlog was a hot day but 8 bloggers appeared, 5 teens and 2 spouses.
    The frocks were worth it.
    The giftshop at the gallery got worked over good.
    antikva.blogspot has posted on it and is a darling with a very handsome and lovely husband, FeminOz has posted too and she drove vast distance with her teens, and apparently a large group rocked on in Bendigo that night while the rest of us wended our weary way home.

    stay cool.

  12. LOL Ann, it sounded like a fantastic day , as well as a wonderful exhibition to see.
    I'll have a gander at the reports on all the mischief everyone got up to...err, the beautiful frocks :P

  13. I was the second child, so mum pretty much knew what to expect.

  14. Ahh.. she'd had a practice run earlier? ;)