Friday, January 30, 2009

Frying Friday Trivial History January 30

In this issue we will discuss the merits of sticking ones head under a tap, remembering to remove ones glasses beforehand and how one may juggle the dripping hair so as not to soak the keyboard too much.
Keyboards don't do water very well.
On another note a water bottle beside the bed works wonders for splashing on oneself without even getting up in the wee small hours when it's still a gajillion degrees.

1803 Charlie Grimes, who was on a sight-seeing tour of Port Phillip Bay (remember, he'd recently climbed Arthur's Seat?) popped ashore at Frankston, tripped over Kananook Creek and had the pleasure of being introduced to 30 of the local Aborigines.

You know it's hot when you try to break into the computer hard drive for the fans....

1854 Cobb & Co expanded their coaching empire to the goldfields of Victoria when the first coach waved ta-ta, taking its leave of Melbourne for Bendigo.

You figure it must be warm when the ice cream runs screaming from your hands back into the freezer....

1893 That grand edifice of Victorian Railways Head Office at 67 Spencer St, Melbourne, was ready for everyone to gawk at in awe. The 3rd floor was added in 1912, the 4th floor in 1922, all the Vic Rail staff ran away in 1988 and it's now the Grand Central Hotel.

It's getting hot when you rediscover the art of driving with only 2 fingers on the steering wheel...

1911 Today was the final race meeting where bookmakers were allowed on the NZ race courses, being at the extinct Takapuna Race course.

You guess it's warm when you can boil spuds in your birdbath....

1913 The teens of Tassie were all aflutter with butterflies when their first state high schools on the island state opened their doors in Hobart and Launceston.

It's too damn hot when your workmate complains of having hot flushes...and he's a bloke....

1954 The Kiwi royal tour of QE II and Phil the Greek finished at Bluff when the alien mothership returned for them they departed on SS Gothic.

It's getting really warm when you arrive at work early and leave late just for the air-con...

1954 Anotheree that disgracefully came to an end was the Dimboola to Rainbow diesel passenger train service.

It's hot when the ducks at the local park come in "extra crispy" and "original recipe"...

1966 Prince Charlie Windsor, unable to find a decent high school in Britain where the kids wouldn't pick on his sticky-out ears, lobbed on Melbourne's doorstep to attend Geelong Grammar's Timbertop School.

You know it's hot when cows eat crushed ice to prevent their milk from curdling.

1984 INXS had Oz in a spin with their number 1 single Original Sin.

It's hot when you learn to love the branding iron aka seat belt.

1984 Across the ditch it was that scrumptious Paul Young who had them in the palm of his hand at No. 1 with Come Back and Stay.

You know it's hot when the trees are whistling for the dogs....


  1. I had to do the two fingers on the steering wheel driving earlier after my hubby took off to a fire call and left our car sitting in full sun down at the freakin airport for an hour............ OUCH!!

  2. What amazes me is that you're having a heatwave and you've still got water. In Britain it rains 363 days of the year. On the two days it doesn't, we suddenly suffer from a water shortage and shrimps start pouring out of the taps.

  3. I can smell the singed car seats from here, B!

    Shrimps? Shrimps?
    Sure they aren't the adipose fat babies from Doctor Who, Brian?

  4. lol - you put Paul Young in there for me, sweet girl!!

    My grandma's trick - wet chux, roll and freeze in a bag. Throughout the day get a new chux from the freezer and drape it around the back of your neck - she swore it cooled your whole body. If you have no power as well, just wet chux does work.

  5. I knew you'd enjoy it, Jeanie ;)
    Yep, I do that with a face washer in the fridge, works a treat!

  6. I have been chewing through an iceburg of ice cubes over here. Just out of interest, when did they move Melbourne to The Simpson Desert? Can't believe I'm really looking forward to 35 degrees as a cool change.

  7. Jayne...

    "Sure they aren't the adipose fat babies from Doctor Who, Brian?"

    No...that's what you find on the beach in horrible thongs every time we get our two glorious days of Summer.

  8. I've just stuffed some ice cubes down my bra, LiD.
    I can highly recommend it lol !

    Oh, gracious, Brian, the mental images are making my brain melt faster than what the heat can!

  9. With spuds cooking in the bird bath at least you don't have to heat up the kitchen with the stove.

  10. The trees are whistling for the dogs... that's some funny imagery.

  11. Lol, I think you could patent a bra with special icepacks sewn in - sounds like heaven.

  12. I've seen where those birds stick those spuds, Evyl!

    You should see it when they lasso the dogs, Anja...!

    We could borrow the ice vests they have at the tennis, LiD, they wouldn't miss a couple of dozen out of the 53 they have ;)

  13. Timbertop always makes me think it's some remote country outpost. And then I remember it's Geelong Grammar, so a luxury remote country outpost. How very colonial of Charlie!