Friday, January 16, 2009

Fun times Friday ahead for the next 50 Trivial History kms January 16

Exciting times, dear readers, when one can...ohhh, licorice!
A whole tin of licorice begging to be eaten....yummmmmmm...
Yes, exciting things are happening here...have you seen the aniseed rings? I'm sure there was a bag stuffed down the back of the couch tucked away somewhere here....
Getting back to the subject at, where was...ohhhh, cheese and bacon balls, hmmmmm, they make a nice midnight snack...
Oh, yes, well you see we've enrolled Feral Beast in a Uni subject.
At Uni.
For him to study. In Australian Studies.
Hmmmm chicken chippies...just the one unit, so far.....barbeque flavoured chippies, too!
If FB survives and manages to find some iota of enjoyment from this study there's a second unit on archaeology I've marked for him....or was that the chocolate marshmallows I circled....?

1793 The good ship Lollipop Bellona rocked up in Port Jackson with the first freebie immigrant settlers and a whole 17 convict women.
And lo; the male convicts did behold them in a radiant light *ahem*.

1889 Cloncurry in Queensland (oooo she typed the full name that time!) was roasting its residents slowly to gain the record of the highest temperature in Oz with 127.6 F (that's 53 C to you).

1936 The Kiwi inter-island commercial air service got off to a roaring start when Union Airways, based at Milson Aerodrome, took to the skies between Palmerston North and Dunedin.

1937 The Hawke's Bay fish wrapper Herald, which was pupped waaaay back in the dim dark past of 1857, inked its final issue before climbing into bed merging with The Hawke's Bay Tribune to create The Hawke's Bay Herald-Tribune which went on with progress to become part of Hawke's Bay Today.

1941 Today saw the girls finally let loose from the kitchen with the birth of the New Zealand Women's Auxiliary Air Force.

1948 Renown Kiwi singer and entertainer Dalvanius Prime was dropped off by the stork.

1962 Frank Hurley, appointed as the first official AIF photographer in 1917, died.

1980 Just for Reuben - Today saw the birth of Michelle Wild aka Katalin Vad, Hungarian Pornstar.
Yes, you may shoot me now, Reuben.

1992 Some unexpected guests dropped by for a cuppa tea at Doongan cattle station in Westralia when 34 male and female teachers and students from Beijing turned up after spending the better part of 10 days strolling from their wrecked boat at Swift Bay.

2005 Today was declared the NZ national day of mourning for the victims of the Boxing Day Tsunami, with 1 minutes' silence at 2.59pm exactly 3 weeks after the horrific event.

2007 Large areas of Victoria learned to love Scrabble by torch light when bushfires knocked out transmission lines causing blackouts.


  1. "...there's a second unit on archaeology I've marked for him..."

    Just in case he fails all his exams and there's absolutely no hope left? Or is that art college? Probably both now that I come to think about it.

  2. The licorice all-sorts speak to me, Dina lol.

    Art college, Brian? Your Freudian slip is showing there :P

  3. the licorice speaks to you...............

    and when did this first start to happen?


  4. It started with the curly bits of licorice, B, then progressed to the all-sorts when I was about 10.
    They keep telling me to eat them :P

  5. Nice to see a talented actress on your list today. Brides and Bitches is such a cleverly titled flick.

  6. Licorice, aniseed, amoretto. Yay, time to get smashed.

    Can't half tell I've got a one track mind.

  7. Some of her fan cub have been lurking today, Evyl lol.

    YUM, sounds like a plan, Anja ;)




  9. Exciting times, dear readers, when one can...ohhh, licorice!
    A whole tin of licorice begging to be eaten....yummmmmmm...

    What a bedazzling start to 2009, Jayne.

  10. Late to the party but I'd love to come over and celebrate... licorice = heaven.

  11. May I pass you a plate or 3, Kelley? ;)

    Yes, Reuben, another potential gazillion kilos on my hips :P

    The more the merrier, Marita! :)

  12. So now I can't get aniseed rings out of my head. I'm drooling here. Wish I had some stuffed down the back of my couch.

    So exciting, the uni thing! Hope it goes well.