Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another Rollicking Thursday Trivial History January 15

The heat has abated, for a little respite, and we can all breathe in Melbourne again although I suspect many of us will still be sleeping with windows wide open to enjoy any tiny wisp of breeze.
Fans don't count.
Nor do air-cons.
No, the creepy weirdo breathing heavy outside your window doesn't count either though you may want to poke him with the electric cattle prod you got for Christmas.
Well, ok, you forgot to buy batteries but you can piff the out-of-date jar of cranberry sauce at him.
Yes, you may toss that leg of ham Great Aunt Phryne insisted you take on Boxing Day.
Heck, throw Great Aunt Phryne at him while you're at it, it's the only way you'll shoe-horn her out of the house before Easter.

1797 James Hetherington invented the Top Hat in London, plonked it on his head and caused such a riot that a child had him arm broken in the crush to escape the frightening (?!) headwear.
Poor old James was tossed in gaol for 6 months.

1842 The only Aussie to be Beatified, Mary MacKillop, was pupped (oh, yea, I can feel the flames licking my ankles) on this day.

1872 Just around the corner from where Andrew hangs his hat in St Kilda the last surviving member of the Burke and Wills expedition, John King, stopped surviving from TB aged 33.

1900 Adelaide played host to several cases of Bubonic Plague, a shocking little guest which kept popping up, uninvited, in all the mainland states for the next 10 years.

1930 US film director/producer Alexander Markey, who'd caused no end of mischief when filming another NZ-based flick only 2 years earlier, turned up like the proverbial bad penny to organise everything to begin filming Hei Tiki around Taupo the following month.

1950 Aussies pushed Burl Ives into the top of the charts with Lavender Blue (Dilly Dilly) for 8 weeks.

1970 Police and anti-Vietnam War protesters clashed outside the Intercontinental Hotel in Auckland where US Vice President Spiro Agnew was staying.

1980 The Kiwis were singing along with Joe Dolce with the number 1 single Shaddup You Face.

1988 Aboriginal TV station Imparja began transmitting in the Red Centre aka Alice Springs.

1990 Those over a certain age will remember London Bridge Arch on the south west coastline of Victoria at Port Campbell; well it falled down and went boom on this day...and some tourists squealed a bit.

2008 Sea Shepherd activist (watch the hits come flooding in now!) Benjamin Potts found himself detained upon the Japanese whaling vessel, Yushin Maru, he'd popped onto without an engraved invite *gasp* at the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary near Antarctica.


  1. Nor do air-cons.

    Especially if your name is Lynne Kosky and you have an elephant skeleton in your closet.

  2. Ha ha ha! I found a jar in the back of my pantry....use by 2001 - that would do the trick!


  3. "No, the creepy weirdo breathing heavy outside your window doesn't count either..."

    Alistair Darling's outside your window? (Er...he's our chancellor incidentally...which still doesn't make the joke any funnier really.)

  4. Here's a useless bit of trivia for you. Anagram of Spiro Agnew is 'grow a penis.'

  5. I thought she was outside the train window breathing heavily, Reuben :P

    LOL, G.

    S'ok, Brian, any pollie is a creepy weirdo ;)

    Well, he did try rubbing this cream on every day, Anja... :P

  6. My neighbour is developing creepy spying syndrome at the moment. Tres annoying. He thinks I can't see him but I can. I haven't decided what I'm going to hurl at him yet. Perhaps 3 day old kitty litter.

  7. London Bridge has fallen down... and the people were taken off with a helicopter. How is it that no one was on the middle of the thing at the precise moment it fell?

  8. It's not the Melbourne sunshine that's getting me hot under the coller - it is the creepy weirdo breathing heavy outside my window...he makes me hot hot hot! He can come and jingle my bells any day...

  9. Just sheer bad luck, MD :P

    So I take it you won't be piffing anything but your front door key to the heavy breather, Deb ? :P

  10. The 'bridge' span fell that long ago? It feels like only a few weeks ago.
    How time flies.

  11. 'Doesn't count', you see Jayne...he's our chancellor and we're in the middle of a recession...and he's a weird little creep...and he can't count...even though he's the chancellor of the exchequor...weird bloke with white hair and big black all ties together you see...ahem...I think I'll just get my coat and leave quietly by the kitchen door...

  12. I'm sure there's another rock formation somewhere around the coast we could call London Bridge and knock over, Rhubarb ;)

    Brian, the solution is to remove his shoes and socks - with looooooong tongs - so he can count above 10 :P