Thursday, January 22, 2009

Juggling Thursday Trivial January 22 History

I have an alarming memory of visiting the thunderbox while at my uncle's house.
It was evening so the cute, fluffy noturnal animals were up and about....including the possum that lived in the roof of the thunderbox.
Yes, the Possum Mafia have been haunting my every move for quite some time now.
Anyway the possum appeared to believe the thunderbox was its own personal dunny and let rip through the ceiling with what anyone would assume was the sole domain of koalas.
It pissed on me.
Dirty little beast couldn't hold on till it passed the lemon tree????

Leechbabe put my onto a great NZ history blog yesterday, Timespanner, and I'm having a wow of a time reading through Lisa's work.
Pop over and have a good peruse through, it's certainly worth your while!

Enjoy some comedy songs today....beginning with Banana Boat Song and Tele-Vee-Shun.

1788 Phillip and Hunter were left less than impressed with the lack of atmosphere at Botany Bay so they went for a stroll and decided Port Jackson had more elan as a site for a settlement.

How about some St George and The Dragnet ?

1788 Whilst on another of his strolls, Phillip was left breathless at the manly bearing of the Aboriginals at a quaint beach spot which he dreamily named Manly.

C'mon, some Sh-Boom should get you going...

1836 A town began to grow, throwing out its tendrils of commerce, when the first land sales were held at Singleton in NSW.

A handful of The Great Pretender with a little Quest For Bridey Hammerschlaugen to twist around your tongue?

1840 The good ship Aurora fetched up in Petone, filled to the brim with bright shiny new European settlers the New Zealand Company was ready to park on lumps of land in the area that was to become known as Wellington, after Arthur Wellesley the first Duke of Wellington.

Surely Evyl would like some Yellow Rose of Texas...with a gargle of Rock Around Stephan Foster?

1901 After a record-breaking 63 years on the throne Queen Vicky popped her clogs at the grand old age of 82 (and the stake through the heart, silver bullet and garlands of garlic are merely rumours, people!).

1903 Having a botox party night without the dart-board left everyone at a loose ends until someone suggested they create The Christchurch Tramway Board and hold their first meeting.
Which they did after they gave up asking what botox was....

Some belated Christmas Dragnet....

1920 For the obligatory bit of politics - the Australian Country Party was not throwing another snag on the barbie but was, in fact, getting birthed at a meeting of farmers on this day.

PC madness with Elderly Man River.....

1953 The NT Legislative Council passed legislation to give Northern Territory Aboriginals full citizenship rights unless they were under state care.
A touch of Yankee Doodle name calling, maybe?

1960 INXS singer who just kept us hanging on for more *groan* Michael Hutchence was pupped.

Don't panic, I'm My Own Grandpa comes with diagrams...

1976 Malcolm Fraser didn't have much of an ear for music so he reinstated the dirge God Save The Queen as the Oz National Anthem.

Rick Dees may have had His Cast of Idiots but Disco Duck buried itself in everyone's brains.

1987 Those in The Shaky Isles did have an ear for music and pushed Gwen Guthrie's Ain't Nothin' Goin' On But The Rent.

Something I try to refrain from is Poisoning Pigeons In The Park.


  1. "I have an alarming memory of visiting the thunderbox while at my uncle's house."

    And I've got an alarming visual image lodged in my head now too.

  2. you seem to have a lifelong relationship with these possums. Now we know where its started lol. I had forgottne about that song the Disco Duck ( I guess there was a reason why) lol

  3. Just think of feral chokko vines, Brian, much safer :P

    LOL Janine, the furry critters seem drawn to me.
    Disco Duck is but the tip of the iceberg with memorable music shockers ;)

  4. I think I'm scarred for life after Disco Duck.

    *snigger* If Michael Hutchence hadn't used the belt and Princess Diana did, they'd both be alive today.

  5. Using a dragon net to catch a dragon..... groan!

  6. Not yet, you aint, Anja :P
    LOL @ the belt.

    It's obvious, B...but they're yet to catch my MIL :P

  7. Ah yes the National Anthem of Texas. I love it not just because it is a great song but it is also one hell of a legend. Here is copied the legend from Wikipedia.

    Briefly stated, the song is based on a Texas legend from the days of the Texas War of Independence. According to the legend, a free African American woman named Emily D. West, a mulatto and hence the reference to "yellow", seized by Mexican forces during the looting of Galveston, seduced General Antonio López de Santa Ana, President of Mexico and commander of the Mexican forces. The legend credits her supposed seduction with lowering the guard of the Mexican army and facilitating the Texan victory in the battle of San Jacinto waged in 1836 near present-day Houston. Santa Anna's opponent was General Sam Houston, who won the battle literally in minutes, and with almost no casualties.

  8. what is a thunderbox?

    And I have NEVER seen a possum.

  9. Oh my god, that is the worst thunderbox experience I have ever heard lol. The dunny man opening up the back flap while you are seated is another one. Not noice.

  10. Excellent, thank you Evyl.
    But did you enjoy Stan Freberg's version of it?:P

    Yes, Kelley, you've never been to an outside dunny and you've never dodged the rabid furry vermin :P

    LOL exactly, LiD!

  11. LOL, Rhubarb. It's stuck in your head now, isn't it? :P

  12. To be honest, Gene Autry's version is my fave.

  13. He was a damn good singer, Evyl ;)

  14. Heh, Disco Duck, right up there with Guitarzan and Cows with Guns.

  15. lol River, they're another 2 fun favourites :)

  16. Jayne your blog is cool. I bop off possums where I live and there are no sad regrets there. Not with 71 million of the hairy sods eating our forests. I call them Rotten Marsupial Sods so i hope I don't upset anyone that likes them. I don't.

    A little bit more history for ya on the Aurora she was wrecked not so long after on the sand bars at the entrance to the Kaipara Harbour here in NZ. A total loss.

    Thanks for you visit to my blog and for your great comments.

    Liz and the crew

  17. Possums are dastardly little creatures. They lived in the roof of my ballet school and loved piddling on you mid-plie.

  18. Thanks so much, Liz, for the visit and the extra news on the Aurora. She obviously didn't have Pelorus Jack guiding her!
    Possum skin bikinis are very fashionable I hear lol.

    They're not quite connoisseurs of the Arts, MD ;)