Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mosaic Mistake

Ya know those craft shows on tv that tell you to wear gloves when you're doing rough stuffs like welding...or bull roping...or burying hubbies in the vegie patch...or even smashing crockery for mosaics?
Yeah...well...umm....seems you should actually listen to what they say, sometimes, as they're not always talking through a hole in their heads.
Tried to ignore the little nick on my thumb and keep collecting the smashed bits but it kept dripping and marking the bits I wanted to use so I kept on wiping it on the edge of the cloth until I figured a band-aid would probably save me time, energy and a probable infection.


  1. Leave the blood on there. It'll add a sinister Tate Modern edge to the finished article.

  2. For Heaven's sake, go and buy a geologist's pick, it's safer than a hammer and you won't need much strength for the mil's head crunch.

    Glad to see there's someone else who saves crockery for mosaics. We'll make a very nice burial mound for Lord Hughes when he goes.

  3. It got washed off after the dog tried to devour it, Brian.
    Which kind of concerns me...

    Ahhh, ok, thanks for that J!
    FB built a lovely domed mound for the last deceased chook, so we can contract him to build Brians and then we can mosaic it, J ;)
    You just sit there, Lord Hughes, your burial plans are taken care of :P

  4. I've got a great dog eating blood story. Remind me to tell you sometime.

    Have you had a tetanus shot recently?

  5. Witchy,

    You'll have to be quick. I've had it written into my will that I want to be hacked into little pieces after I'm gone and stuffed down R.H.'s throat until he chokes.

  6. I cut myself on the cat today. Not nice...especially since the cat split into many tiny pieces.

  7. This is so interesting!

    Blood, split cats, burial mounds. It's a freakin' wet dream. :)

  8. I picked something on my back yesterday and I bled like a stuck pig. I was at work and I was sure the back of my shirt was soaked in blood, but no, just a small patch.

  9. Split cats, Reuben or atoms or definitives ? :P

    I'll remember to take more gorey pics in the future for you, Anja :P

    Now you've been told not to pick things, Andrew, or put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear :P

  10. Oops, sorry Evyl!
    Yes I have and do tell the story!

  11. Ouchie! Hope all is better now.