Friday, January 23, 2009

No Funky Frills Trivial History Friday January 23

I stupidly bravely trotted out to Hurstbridge in the heat yesterday to have my wicked way with their op shop.
Some odd people use the train out that way (she says, looking in the mirror).
A middle aged lady I dubbed Glinda Von Trapp (the black sheep of magic dressmaking and lonely goats that Julie Andrews never mentions) leapt into the carriage with alien energy. Her arms were filled with dresses, shirts, and skirts while she managed to generously swig from a soft drink bottle that appeared to have been doctored.
It briefly crossed my mind that this may be JahTeh on the run having helped herself to the frock exhibition but this person had one eye pointing to the Scotch while the other pointed past the gin and straight onto the meths.
The train was an old creeping Comeng that took almost 20 mins to reach the next station so we were treated to a small, personal exhibition as Glinda Von Trapp performed a version of the fan dance with various articles of clothing (Feral Beast had a book on fossils which he hid behind) while I thanked Goddess for low vision.
Sadly, Glinda obviously didn't feel the appreciation from the carriage audience and deserted us only 2 further stops along the line, leaping from the carriage with nary a wobble of her pins in those mile high stilettos, still swigging from her bottle.

1796 Blasphemy!!! A general order was issued in the colony that prohibited all distilling of spirits.

Cringe factor = 10+ with Convoy

1803 Charles Grimes (Chas to his mates) led a party of sight-seeing tourists from the ship Cumberland, who were exploring the far reaches of Port Phillip Bay, when they decided to climb Arthur's Seat.
Because it was there and they could.
For LOTR and sci-fi fans - Mr Spock singing The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins.

1833 And they say those colonials had no sense of fun in the old days....Bathurst was gazetted as a town.

Captain Kirk, putting the story straight...or so he thinks.

1855 As the Wellingtonians were celebrating the 15th anniversary of plonking themselves on the lump of dirt the earth moved for them; or rather the earthquake moved the earth for them.
It had great benefits, although I wouldn't recommend any body help themselves to an earthquake going cheap down the pub. This one measured 8.2 on the Richter Scale and levelled off a nice foundation of land for the CBD of Wellington, created a nifty bit of dirt for a road and train line to the Hutt Valley and  (really must thank Mother Nature for this last one) drained the swamp to create the famous Basin Reserve Cricket Ground.

Go on, see who wins out of Eminem and Lou Vega, you know you want to...

2008 After 128 years The Bulletin was put to bed for the final time.


  1. "...this person had one eye pointing to the Scotch while the other pointed past the gin and straight onto the meths."

    Couldn't be Witchy, then. This woman only had two eyes.

    (I'm in such trouble now.)

  2. I love Convoy.

    And heh! That YouTube vid includes a picture of the very first book Annie ever owned - "Come On, Daisy".

    Now that is some awesome history.

  3. LOL
    Put down the shovel before you start digging any deeper, Brian :P

    LOL Marita, I'm seeing a rubber ducky fetish happening with you and your girls :P

  4. That has totally surprised me how well 8 mile went to the mambo tune!! lmao

  5. wish you could have slyly taken a pic of this glinda person.

    my dh and I LOVE those old recordings of spock & kirk. i think ohura did one too.

    My husband likes to spoof one Kirk song...
    "It was a very... good... year.... for, smalltown girls... with, bigtown breasts"

  6. I hope Jackson uses Nimoy's tune when he remakes The Hobbit.

  7. You'd be surprised at some of the mash-up's that work, B lol.

    Thought you'd appreciate it, DrewAn :P

    LOL Goldie!

    And those gals, too, Evyl ? :P

  8. Yeppers. I have a thing for pointy eared girls with hairy feet. What can I say?