Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fore Trivial History January 4

Another lovely day to wander outside the front door and think to oneself,
"Geeze I could do with another hours' sleep,".

A handful of old (no longer alive in Victoria) supermarket names to drag you kicking and screaming down memory lane....
S.E Dickens
Macs Food Stores (Westralia)

1802 Lt John Murray was a bright lad, a chap who knew his onions and used his God-given grey matter between his ears so he knew exactly what he was eyeballing when he was at the opening to Port Phillip Bay....., Snodgrass, it wasn't the secret door to Narnia....wrong, Cedric Longbottom, it was not the hidden back passage to your fathers wine cellar....yes, finally, Crispin, you pulled your finger out of the dyke (sorry, Ma'am) and got a leg over in class!
It was, in fact, the entrance to Port Phillip Bay he'd found.

On the 10th day of Christmas my Truelove (the latest telemarketer who disturbed my evening meal of falafel beans and lightly sauteed brains) gave to me-
Celine Dions voice box, Daniel Craig at my mercy, Amy Winehouse actually sober, Baz without a budget, Paris afflicted with poverty,
Ni-cole de-prived of Botox!
Madonna chained to her coffin, Tom Cruise on the Mothership, Jen permanently gagged and Angelina forver stuck up a gum tree.

1832 A very clever bloke, E.W Cole, he what encouraged a love of reading in all ages and hosted his grand book arcade in the middle of Marvellous Melbourne, was pupped.

Posh Spice has been listening to the old country song Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys on repeat again when she announced she wants one of her sons to become a lawyer....

1848 In the first move towards the DIY industry the Female Factory in Parramatta was closed, leaving men no choice but to have High Tea with the local sheep.

We have a little old lady who dresses up as a fairy and totters through the streets of Clayton....and Wellington, NZ, has Blanket Man.
At least our fairy remembers her knickers....

1869 Te Kooti managed to avoid the Pakeha (Kiwis of European ancestry) troops and the kupapa (Maoris fighting on the Govt side) to reach a hilltop near Poverty Bay but the next day (being tomorrow the 5th) Ngati Porou an iwi, tribe) captured and did a nasty mischief to 120 followers who couldn't escape.

Brad Pitt has finally realised the age-old wisdom that eventually comes to all men ; women are always right,roll over, play dead, assume the begging position and no one need get hurt.

1876 The Christchurch Drainage Board threw an impromptu party had their first meeting where they decided to do something about the sewers in the local area. Click HERE  (goodness! blue means a link!) to have a look at a pretty picture of the pumping station with some words about the Drainage Board.

Oh Sweet Baby Butterflies! When did she start THINKING and using her MIND?!

1971 The Mistress may regret this one - The Partridge Family was warbling I Think I Love You (click on the link, you know you want this song floating through your head all day, go on) in the top No.1 singles spot for a whole 2 weeks.

Yes, Cliff, you're a sexual something alright, but I don't know if the word to describe you correctly has been invented yet!

1988 The chappies in Fremantle Prison weren't given to singing the Prisoner title song On The Inside although the wrestling video clip for the song probably inspired the riot they staged in the prison to the cost of $1.8 million.

See what happens when Marcia Brady admits hocking herself for crack - they all think they've got something that someone wants.
Pass the barge-pole, Igor!
At least she took Peter Andre off our hands for us....

2007 Nasty storms lashed Esperance in Westralia leaving such a mess that a natural disaster was declared for the area.


  1. Hard to put Sir Cliff and Sex in the same sentence.

    I also need to take Victoria's clever advice. I always decide what to wear based on what is immediately available.

  2. What the hell is that creature with spiders hanging off her eyes? David Cassidy was weird looking. Maybe he could hook up with Sir Cliff.

  3. I've always preferred this prison song.

  4. "We have a little old lady who dresses up as a fairy and totters through the streets of Clayton."

    We used to have a nutter round our way who'd charge up to people in the shops, shout "International fingerprints! FBI!" very loudly down their lugholes, then charge off again backwards. He hung around for years until one day he was hurtling backwards across the High Street made a bit of a mess. Seems the FBI had finally caught up with him.

  5. Unless you use rubber gloves with Sir Cliff, Colin :P

    If it's the blonde singing creature, Anja, that's his RL step-mum Shirley Jones. Otherwise they were recycling dog hairs as false eyelashes along with the "free lurve" in them days :P

    LMFAO Evyl, that's great!

    We should all have more (harmless) nutters/eccentrics in our lives, Brian.
    Maybe we should all do posts on the ones we knew!

  6. What can I say Wellington has some iteresting characters and he is one of them lol. I bet he will loose his undies after he reappears in court. I liked that Song "I think I love you" I wanted to be in that family when I was a kid growing up lol. Can't say I ever wanted to be in prisoner though lol (although I did wag school a few times to watch it).

  7. We are better than Victoria Beckham - we choose our clothes and set them out BEFORE we go to bed. Ha! Take That Posh Spice...

    Okay so it is mostly self preservation with me needing to get self and two children ready in the mornings but still - Ha!

  8. It's the interesting characters that make a place welcoming, Janine ;)

    Ahhh, you do that, too, Marita!
    It's amazing how our everyday commonsense is a newsworthy article on Posh....