Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saddles 'n' Spurs Suggested for Trivial History Saturday January 24

 I've polished the silverware, dusted, washed and dried the lead crystal, dusted,re-arranged the family photos, dusted, changed the doilies over, dusted, re-arranged a few small pieces of furniture, dusted, now all that's left to do is dust.............
No, I'm not nesting.
But I will be doing that filthy 4-letter word in the near future - using the   i...r...o...n !

Just before you reach Pakenham train station there's a paddock to the right with orange signs declaring "Train station here".
Is this a request, a statement of fact or a demand?  If I donate FB's Lego blocks will this help the phantom station fetier? Will I get an ice cream for my trouble?
Please help as it's kept me awake at night for several nights puzzling my small grey matter.
Although that might have been the heat....

1679 A wise move by King Charles II of Old Blighty was to disband Parliament.
I say we all dub ourselves Kings and Queens - although I see some of us have already done so! - and disband a bit of Govt that doesn't agree with you.
Oh, Kosky....? Where for art thou...?

1828 Governor Darling decided to pull the plug on the Sullivan Bay settlement at Westernport Bay so he sent the schooner - that's a ship not an Aussie beer glass size - to collect everyone.

1865 The Lame Seagull aka General Cameron and his 1,200 troops waltzed themselves out of Wanganui to invade South one does when one has nothing better to do.

1865 Another something puffing a lot of hot air in NZ was the first horse-drawn steam fire engine, imported for the Dunedin Brigade, dubbed "Extinguisher".

1883 The bloke in charge of the native police in Cloncurry, Qld, Marcus de la Poer Beresford (try saying that mouthful with your back teeth floating in beer and no teeth in at all) and 4 police were ambushed and killed by Aborigines which caused more than a year of battles.

1922 Most importantly Christian Nelson, of USA, patented the yummy Eskimo Pie.

1974 Christchurch was playing host to Prince Phillip as he officially opened the 10th British Commonwealth Games (yes, that was the correct title back in the day).

1980 Excitment gripped the populace of Melbourne when the first section of the underground loop was flung open for service......which is frequently cancelled, delayed or just simply doesn't exist.
But have an ice cream, perhaps an Eskimo Pie, instead

1990 Prince Edwrad had a hankering for Auckland so he got the job of opening the 14th Commonwealth Games.


  1. Wasn't Station some alien creature that split into two on Bill & Ted? If that's the case, then obviously your sign refers to some sort of training centre for advanced hirsute protozoic organisms that reproduce asexually. Possibly a pre-brothel experience for aliens.

  2. I'm catching up on my reading cos I've been scarce all week, and it's taken me 3 cups of tea and 4 ciggies to catchup here...what a wicked way to start the Australia Day weekend!!!

  3. Errr...then they should fit in quite well with some of the local human-kind, Brian :P

    LOL Moe, hope your weekend is a good one ;)

  4. Can I have the drugs Brian is on?

  5. *puts her hand out for Brian's drugs too*

    You poor sod, contemplating ironing.... I'm going to a party and seriously considering getting plastered.

  6. Oh my - there are many things to contemplate before the iron is brought out.

    Luckily, I have a week's worth of blog reading to catch up on meaning I avoid the old ironing urge.

    Its an urge I have avoided for several years thus far.

  7. Certainly, Anja and B.
    Brian, you know you should share!

    LOL, Jeanie.

    Neither do I, River, as a rule but the linen doilies looked like wrung out rags after their drink in the washing water ;)

  8. I wanna be Queen, like on Black Adder.

  9. Bwahahahahaha, WS.
    Of course you may!

  10. Ironing?? I think that is that thing hubby does to his work shirts. Not too sure as I don't really get close enough to take a close look.

  11. I tried squashing things flat between heavy books, Marita, but it doesn't get the wrinkles out properly lol.

  12. I hope Nelson made a lot of money with his great concoction. They are crazee tastee.

  13. ...please where can I buy a unicorn?

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