Friday, January 30, 2009

Salvagable Trivial History Saturday January 31

My computer died in the arse in this dessicating heat.
It's cactus-mucus...well, until Monday when the PC doctor can run his magic fingers over her innards and tickle her hard-drive into purring again.
So I'm pecking this out on the old,    s     l     o    w   computer.
It's soooooooooo slow I have to reboot everytime I want to click from one website to another.
Thank goodness for Draft Save in Blogger coz I'll probably have to reboot it a gazillion times just to finish this post.
Which won't be of much substance as I have not got a copy of my home-made chronology...that is currently propped on the desktop of the new computer that spat the dummy and is sulking.
Oh, look, auto-saved the draft yet again.

*She scrabbles to collect her pieces of paper of dates that she's scribbled from various websites in 8 previous reboot sessions....

It's National Gorilla Suit day!
So, rush back home and change ito the gorilla suit you've hidden at the back of your wardrobe since your high school days and be proud to wear your gorilla suit fetish on your sleeve.
Brought to you by the artistic genuis from MAD Magazine, Don Martin.

1880 That wonderful publication that became respected, well-read, popular and launched the careers of many of the famous (and infamous) writers, poets, artists and novelists, The Bulletin, made its grand entrance into polite - and not so polite - society today.
Yep. So well-respected its last owner ceased its publication recently.

1921 The first regular airmail service for NZ flitted its way from the Canterbury Aviation Company based in Christchurch to Ashburton to Timaru, a mere 2 years after George Bolt flew the first airmail service in 1919.

1942 The Aussie Govt gave us Manpower....Regulations.
Coz of the war.
And, no, they weren't the male stripper variety, either (dammit).

1968 The Powers That Be closed the Ballarat Racecourse platform, on the Waubra line, for good.
Because they were spoil-sports.
And penny-pinchers.
And drank their bath water.

1968 Nauru finally got the monkey off its back ( or Canberrans, if you insist on correct terminology) when it declared its independence on this day.
Which, for some odd reason, makes it Nauru Independence Day.

1991 Perth, that over-grown country town capital of Westralia (and we wouldn't have it any other way!) sizzled ever-so-gently in the Summery heat wave of 45.8 degrees C.
Nope, no conversion to Farenheit, there's a bit of homework for you!


  1. "Yep. So well-respected its last owner ceased its publication recently."

    And so well remembered that you appear to have forgotten to mention its name. Now I'll never know...

  2. This is what happens when I have to publish each.little.paragraph. entry on it's own, Brian.
    And reboot 14 times just to get this post published *whimper*.
    I want my proper 'puter back!!!!!

    I'll amend it, it was The Bulletin btw.

  3. Note to self: Turn off comuter in heatwave...

  4. oh no !

    Hope you get a reprieve from the heat, your computer is fixed quickly and that your fridge is full of coldies in between time.

    Internet withdrawal is damn serious !!

  5. Gorilla suit day?

    MPS is wandering around shirtless in this heat, so he has that one covered.

    Sending copious amounts of sympathy and alcomahol for the computer dramas.

    You need to get a Mac.

  6. And don't forget to turn off the 'puter in the microwave, too, Rhubarb ;)

    Ta, Trish, got this old one running a bit better than last night, thank goodness!

    I'll let you drink the alcomohol and breathe in my general direction, Kelley lol ;)

  7. Hi! Computers are like a marriage. Good one day and not so good the next.

    I'm still hanging onto my eighty dollar computer having saved it many a time from being thrown out the window!

    I should go out and buy another one, but this one has all the programs I need and I don't want to have to replace them. Yes, I'm a miser!

    Anyway, have you tried windows live writer? Even works on 2 bob PC.

    Take Care,

  8. Damn, I missed Gorilla Suit Day.