Monday, January 26, 2009

Singe Another Skippy on the Barbie January 26

Went for a wander on part of the Outer Circle Rail Trail yesterday with Feral Beast and it's a great amble that I can highly recommend for interested rail fans. Be sure to get the guide to take with you as it not only stops you from falling down Alice's rabbit hole but points out many remaining features of the original railway line that 100 yrs of nature hasn't quite obliterated.
A little something extra we discovered when we trotted back and headed for Hell (aka Chadstone) was the former Reg Hunt Holden site on Dandy Road - right beside the former railway line- has many pieces of old rail track dotted around the property boundaries set in concrete.
Hoping to walk the old Rosstown Rail Trail sometime this coming week and, hopefully, finish off the other end of the Outer Circle, too.

Reuben wanted to know why there's a station named Jewell on the Upfield line.
It was originally unoriginally named South Brunswick until February 1st, 1954 when some bright spark changed its title to Jewell,  named after James Robert Jewell, a former steam engine driver, Brunswick councillor and mayor, and Parliamentary Whip.

The origins of the Australia Day holiday, from 1818, were to build up a sense of pride and awareness in Aussie history and traditions.
It has nothing whatsoever to do with celebrating the mastering of anyone else, contrary to popular revisionists belief.

1788 Some peoples pitched their tents and did their thing at Port Jackson...or so they want us to believe!

1798 Ever helpful George Bass picked up 5 stranded convicts on Glennie Island and dropped them on the mainland to walk back to Sydney.
Strangely they were never seen or heard from again.
Not an email or txt.

1798 Something that was sighted, although they're fast disappearing, were the first koala and lyrebird near Bargo NSW.
The animals didn't rate the Europeans very highly.

1808 Poor old Governor Bligh - who wasn't hiding under any bed - was arrested by that silly power-hungry upstart called Major George Johnston (who got his Karma right in his rear).

1844 Governor FitzRoy pottered across to NZ and, despite the demands for revenge in the Wairau Massacre of 22 settlers, he decreed the Maori had been provoked by the Europeans' unreasonable actions.
So revenge was off the menu.

1938  Aborigines held a public meeting in the Australia Hall in Sydney where they declared today the first Day of Mourning, and demanded land rights, citizenship rights and the right of self-determination. Further info HERE.

1966 Something that still makes us hug our children close and sends shivers down our spines was the Beaumont children disappearing into thin air.

1974 Two Kiwis who made like fish and were dipped in gold for their efforts were Christchurch teens Janie Parkhouse and Mark Treffers when they won in the Commonwealth Games swimming events.
Mark Treffers Drive and Parkhouse Road are vehicle carriageways named after the 400mts and 800mts stars.

1984 A record daily total of 84.8 mms (3.33 inches, 0.27 feet or perhaps 0.0169 rods) saw most of Southland (NZ) floating along with their back teeth with the water-logged streets around Invercargill, Bluff, Riverton, Otautau and Tuatapere.

1986 And Elton was warbling from the top spot in NZ - while wowing the girls with his large "lens" - with Nikita. 

1994 Prince Charlie Windsor was attacked by a chap who fired 2 shots from a starter's pistol during some kind of function at Darling Harbour.


  1. Singe another Skippy on the Barbie? Sounds like one of those childhood games involving soft toys, plastic dolls and a box of matches that gets out of hand.

  2. Which day might you be walking the Rosstown trail? Today, 28 deg or pick from the subsequent days, 38, 39, 40, 35

  3. I like Australia Day as much as Thanksgiving when I lived in the US. Unfortunately it seems Australia's day is one you celebrate vanquishing native Australians, while in the US, it is a celebration of kicking out the Brits. Now that is a better reason for a holiday.

    How do you barbie skippy. I always find him a bit too sensitive, especially with other people around (and beer) Ooops overdone Skippy.

  4. It can get ugly very quickly, Brian ;)

    Today is looking good for Rosstown, Andrew, otherwise I'll be a melted puddle of goop on the footpath!

    Actually, Colin, Thanksgiving Day is a celebration of the harvest (in Canada) and the Native American Indians sharing their food with the settlers during a bad Winter, thereby saving their lives.
    Australia Day origins was to garner a sense of pride in the history of the continent, it had nothing to do with vanquishing anyone else.

  5. Is it unaustralian that I plan to sleep through most of Australia Day?

  6. It's only unAustralian if you go to work without having slept the day away, Anja ;)

  7. Happy Oz whatsits back at you, young Mr Dino ;)

  8. I prefer my Skippy hopping - sticking to snags and groundlice here.

  9. " the US, it is a celebration of kicking out the Brits. Now that is a better reason for a holiday."

    Hmm...I thought that was Independance Day, and, to be honest, us Brits were glad to see the back of 'em. I mean, seriously...why would we want to keep hold of a colony of people so ridiculous that they don't even know what their National Holidays are commemorating?

  10. Groundlice, Jeanie???
    Dare I ask...?

    What's this I read about the Druids getting to fisticuffs, Brian?!

  11. know what druids are like. Peace, pacifism and punch-ups.

  12. A-huh.
    Boys, booze and brawls, Brian :P

  13. Oooh, I do like that one, Jeanie,I'll borrow it if I may? ;)