Sunday, January 25, 2009

Slammin' Trivial Sunday History January 25

I know it's been a loooooooooooooong time since I sewed, and I'm prepared to accept that commonplace items have the fact we no longer need to cure the hide before having material to make things.
Or use fish bones as needles.
But when did "tailors chalk" become a "dressmaking pencil" but still carry the packaging calling it chalk?
Bought a packet that stated it was "tailors chalk", got it home and inside were "dressmaking pencils".
If I'd have known that I would have saved my pennies and just raided Feral Beast's pencil case!

There's a theme to today's trivial stuff....see if you can pick it.
HINT - it's nothing to do with the batch of scones, self-saucing double chocolate pudding and honeycomb mousse I made for sweets last night.

1848 The final convict ship to regurgitate the shackled sort into Victoria, "Marion", propped herself up at the bar at Port Melbourne.

1865 Australia, and Melbourne in particular, was in a lot of hot water when the US Confederate ship CSS Shenandoah sailed jauntily into Hobson's Bay and was slipped at Williamstown for repairs. Click HERE for a pic. The US Consul demanded that the ship be seized as a pirate but she was allowed to go on her merry way on February 18.

1868 The City of Melbourne was destroyed by fire.
No, not the city itself, you goose, the steamer ship named for the actual city.
Anyways, it was loaded with wool and all sorts of goodies while it was in Williamstown , then it got a tad warm under the gunwale, and went belly up.
Full story from the newspaper report of the time HERE.

1878 The world's very first torpedo fired in battle ( woohoo.) was launched by a Russian boat to sink a Turkish steamer ship.

1883 The New Zealand Shipping Company kept doing what they did best - shipping - except they did it longer and in other countries when they began a direct steam shipping service to the UK.

1950 HMAS Tarakan , a tank landing ship, was in dock at Garden Island for repairs when she exploded, resulting in 8 deaths.

1992 Number 1 top single in NZ was Gun 'n' Roses Live and Let Die.


  1. Oh, she sews as she sits and she sits as she sews...

    Try singing that a few times after a couple of scotches.

  2. Bahahahaha, how did you enjoy your self saucing pudding?

  3. Actually, Brian, I had contemplated hanging from the chandelier whilst attacking the Singer :P

    I didn't eat it, WS, but the rest of the tribe enjoyed it with the mousse lol.

  4. Oh Miss? Miss? Miss? Miss? (all the while flicking my hand and arm enthusiastically in the air)

    Is it about boats?

    lol - I still have some old chalk from when we used to mine it!

  5. Yes, young Jeanie, up the back?
    Goodness girl, speak UP! I can't hear you over the whine,cough and rumble of the ancient air-con.
    Yes, yes, it's about boats, good girl.
    You've earnt 20 house points and an early mark for the rest of the week.

  6. Gee and I thought it was about all the hot water the boats seemed to keep getting themselves into.

  7. It was some kind of water they were in, River lol.

  8. "1865 Australia, and Melbourne in particular, was in a lot of hot water when the US Confederate ship CSS Shenandoah sailed jauntily into Hobson's Bay"

    now that was interesting. Do you know where she sailed from and if the soul purpose on arriving in Aust. was for repairs?

  9. Ahhh Guns N Roses my first musical love.

  10. Yep, Elizabeth, she was sinking any and all Union ships in the Pacific, needed repairs as well as more crew members.
    A good source, with current-day photos is HERE

    We can never forget any kind of first love, Marita lol ;)

  11. Thanks for the link Jayne. Enjoyed reading it.