Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sleep in Trivial History Sunday January 18

I'm off to the local Sunday Trash and Treasure Market but I'm not holding out any hope of getting a decent price for The Spouse.
Someone once stopped and prodded him a bit but when I offered them money to take The Spouse away I was told there wasn't enough money in the world to tempt them.
Mind you, a few of the stall-holders like the look of him as a pack horse but when they found out how often he suffered from Man-Flu they poked him to move along with their barge poles.
I might leave him at home this time and have fun unencumbered!

1794 Being such artistic and sensitive souls the NSW Corps rioted after a play was held to celebrate the Queen's birthday on Norfolk Island.
Commandant Phillip Gidley King had to stamp his foot - twice! - and take stern measures to keep those naughty lads in line.

1815 Macquarie opened his experimental Native School at Parramatta with the grand sum of 6 boys and 6 girls.

1894 The New Brighton Pier was officially opened in Christchurch. Click HERE for more info and some pics of the new pier.

1933 The Aussie Cricket Board of Control was feeling slightly out of spin when they cabled the MCC to protest at the unsportsmanlike head-hunting bodyline bowling that "was likely to upset friendly relations existing between Australia and England".

1971 George Harrison was in the top Aussie singles spot for a whole 8 weeks with My Sweet Lord.
Or you could listen to While My Guitar Gently Weeps...which wasn't in the charts at the time but it rocks.

1980 The Kiwis home-grown son Jon Stevens made it back to back number 1 hits in NZ when his Montego Bay kicked his other song Jezebel from the top spot.
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  1. Include my spouse and perhaps a 2 for 1 will get better results.

  2. I was rudely woken from sleep at 4.30am this Sunday morning by the alarm to wake my spouse for work.

    Perhaps we could join with Elizabeth and do a Buy 2, Get 1 Free deal?

  3. "Or you could listen to While My Guitar Gently Weeps...which wasn't in the charts at the time but it rocks."

    I look at the floor,
    And I see it needs sweeping,
    Whilst my guitar gently weeps...

    He'd probably have been better off with a vaccuum cleaner for the job, to be honest.

  4. Marita and Elizabeth- the public may be over-whelmed with the testosterone on offer ;)

    Nah, a vaccuum cleaner wouldn't have made any difference; George was a typical male who ignored the housework but was compelled to brag about it in song, Brian :P

  5. Hope you find some treasure!

    OMG! Now I've got that damn song in my head!

  6. I've got some brown sugar we can throw in the pot if we're selling men.

  7. I LOVED Jon Stevens as a young girl who had no idea what 'hot' was.

  8. You’re pretty close to almost nearly as goofy as me. Glad to meet ya Jayne.

  9. Hi! There's got to be something good about him. You married him!

    Ouch! My wife just hit me on the back of the head for making such a remark. Oh well, for better or worse so they say. Coming Honey! Sorry, I didn't mean it

    Now look what you got me into!

    Take Care,

  10. And the guitar riff, B, don't forget the guitar solo :P

    Just to sweeten the rest of 'em, Anja ;)

    And his hot rating is still riding high, WS :P

    Hi Ron, Glad to meet you,too ;)

    LOL Peter, your missus is a practiced shot ;)