Saturday, January 17, 2009

Slippin' and Slidin' Trivial Saturday History January 17

Another Saturday just lying around, waiting for you to shift yourself out from under the blankets, to leap forth and greet the day, to embrace the early morning and race it off to search out the potential....and to see that the leaves get cleaned out from the spouting at long last.

1773 Captain Jimmy Cook became the first to dip his big toe in the Antarctic Circle.yippie.

Did you know....NZ has 6,000 kms of coastline? Which makes for a hell of a lot of potential fishing spots.

1839 Bust out the piggy bank, Mabel, they upped the minimum price of land in NSW from 5 to 12 shillings per acre.

Tried looking for something silly in the UK entertainment news but it was as boring as bat fact, it was so bad watching wet bat shyte dry in the Qld wet season would have been more exciting.

1853 The NZ Constitution Act of 1852 was declared up and running by Gov Sir George Grey.
The act established a system of representative government for NZ.

That's cruel to name your child after her country of birth - she's only going to keep remembering that Australia is better at cricket than she is!

1877 Yippeee! Errr... The City Council officially opened its swimming pool it had built on the Avon River...only 150 mts from the Christchurch Hospital effluent out-flow pipe.

New lyrics, old song.  (If you're going to San Francisco)
If you're going to San Francisco, be sure to burn a dunny for a dare....

1877 A fantastic children's author we called our own was dropped into the cabbage patch Nutcote, the mother of the Gum Nut Babies May Gibbs.

Attention all Men!
You do not have to strip naked to prove that you're completely unarmed in the battle of wits with women.

1899 Another wonderful author we Aussies adopted as our own, Nevil Shute, was pupped in Ealing, London, who went on to write many novels but who could forget the end of the world in On The Beach?

Because someone, somwhere will unleash some bitchin' Karma on your arse.

1944 The Powers That Be introduced meat rationing but they forgot about the underground mutton (wabbits).

This story alerted authorities that the life guards on the Gene Pool were too munted to care.
1968 The rockin', rollin' riding group on the Morning Town Ride, The Seekers, were named Australians of The Year.

Female stripper does her job in a prison and male guards don't stop her!

1985 Beslubbering barnacle-brained Brit Tel Big Cheese Phone Company did thus blaspheme when it did announce the retirement, stage left, of the beloved and adored iconic red telephone boxes from the Isle of Britain.
And, behold, thy public did curse and howl at thee, odiferous Brit T  Big Cheese Phone Co. and thy toad-snouted knave was bereft of any choice but to bow to the wishes of the masses and leave some of the red boxes pure and untouched by its villainous mitts.

First they retrenched the tram conductors, then they ditched train station staff now they're trying to put the heat on tram drivers the hard way.

1988 The very first episode of Home and Away, one of the longest Oz soapies, debuted on Aussie idiot boxes across the land.

It must be really bad in The Shaky Isles when escaped prisoners hand themselves back in under 24 hours at large.

1999 The top song single in the Land of The Kiwi was Take Me There warbled by Blackstreet featuring Mya, Mase and Blink Blink.

Kids,when there's not a lemon tree in sight, plant sunflowers.


  1. "A BABY from across the Tasman Sea will never be able to forget where she's from after being christened Zealand-New."

    I take it her mother was dyslexic then.

  2. :: drags self out of Saturday morning stupor ::

    Those are some massive sunflowers.

    Love the line jumping drama, serves the idiots right.

  3. And probably had the baby christened at the local House of Dog, too, Brian :P

    Gives a possible sequel to Children of the Corn, Marita - Children of The Whopping Big Sunflowers ;)

  4. Why do people name their kids after themselves? It's so lame.

    The line jumping pair should be renamed Fucktard and Fucktard Jr.

  5. The sunflowers are huge!

    those parents are obviously idiots....

    perhaps they are swil's kiwi rellies ;) lol

  6. Awhile back we had a female stripper that practiced her pole routine on the volleyball pole. She kept her clothes on but it was entertaining for the tower guards.

  7. Because they don't got the goods to think for themselves,maybe, Anja ?

    So, ship her over to them already, B!

    *gasp* And you didn't sell tickets to any of your closest blogging friends, Evyl?! Tsk, tsk :P