Monday, January 12, 2009

Tangling Trivial History January 12

I'm mastering the arty farty stuff and gaining a black belt in Mosaics and Macrame.
Yes, remember that really daggy string art from the 70's that left you with a lop-sided pot holder and matching rope burns on fingers and toes? I found an old how-to book in the op shop the other week and, as Feral Beast needs to explore different areas of art in his education, I thought he could be tormented taught the fine art of knotting and braiding and go slightly potty like the rest of us who survived to tell the tale.
While I plot a TARDIS in mosaic for the door of the shed.
*Yes, I really do need a life*

Today is, or was, when the Compitalia to celebrate The Lares was held; when all good and sensible people paid homage to their Roman household Gods and Goddesses.
Today is also the sacred day of the Norse Goddess of the sky, Frigg.
And don't forget to do something about that dreadful dead pine tree; it's shedding needles all over the house and the cats are starting to make a home for themselves in the top branches.

1836 Charlie Darwin popped his head in at Sydney to make our acquaintance while he was parked on board HMS Beagle.

1896 Bourke started experiencing a heatwave on this day that did not let up until January 25th with daily temps of 47 C (117 F in the old money) which resulted in the deaths of forty-seven people.

1903 Patrick Kenniff had the dubious honour of being the last bushranger to die in Qld...although, unsurprisingly, it wasn't by natural causes.

1939 The hottest place to be was Adelaide as she set the record for the sizzlingest capital city of Oz when the mercury hit 117.7F (or 47.6 C for you youngins).

1954 QE II beamed down from the mothership to open the Kiwi Parliament only to find 50,000 souls grouped in Wellington to eye-ball Her Maj in all her youthful beauty. *ahem*

1971 Just for Anja - All In The Family began on American TV.

1976 Top of the Aussie pops was ABBA with SOS for a whole week.

1986 While across the ditch some years later the top Kiwi single from December 14, 1985  - January 17, 1986 was Peking Man with Room that Echoes.


  1. "Today is also the sacred day of the Norse Goddess of the sky, Frigg."

    That would explain a lot.

  2. Bahahahaha... When I started reading this I had the strangled strains of Edith Bunker warbling "Those were the days" going on in my head.

  3. I used to do Macrame and loved it.

    And why do you want to Mosaic the Tardis, pray tell. lol.

  4. Those Norse Goddesses take a lot of beating, Brian :P

    Lordy, that woman's voice is stuck in my head now, Anja LOL.

    Coz I'm not allowed to mosaic David Teninch? ;)

  5. I've never entered into the macrame scene, however, crochet is a guilty pleasure of mine. Not only the actual "doing" of crochet - but also looking through the daggy 70's books full of patterns for afgahns and teapot warmers...

  6. Hi! I remember the table tops and kettle boards we made as children using mosaics pieces made out of left over bathroom tiles.

    I also remember my cut fingers and the dried blood on the finished products.

    My better half was quite good at crocheting bikinis to bring in extra cash in the early days of our marriage.

    For the life of me, I couldn't understand why anyone would want to wear them as they looked so uncomfortable but then what does a mere male know!

    Take Care,

  7. 1976 - A week that will live in infamy.

  8. I've probably tackled you in an op shop for those daggy books in the past, Deb lol ;)

    Yes, cut fingers are a recent achievement of mine, too, Peter lol.

  9. Want me to see if the in-laws had any crochet, macrame or mosaic books in their collection? Everything has to go - or so I'm told.

  10. Who says you aren't allowed to mosaic David Teninch?

  11. Yes please, Marita!

    Him Indoors, B, he gets an inferiority complex every time David's Teninch gets a mention lol.

  12. Mosaicing a shed door to look like the TARDIS - I'd like to see that.