Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tauntingly Trivial History January 10

 Yay, it's Saturday!
For those readers on the other side of the planet who are still in Friday let me assure you it's a particularly nice Saturday that's coming up, worthy of leaping out of bed and frolicking in every second of it.
Unless you've got stuff like doing your tax audit, polishing your tv aerial, painting your chooks' claws or grouting your serial killer bathroom to do....

1838 Catholic Missionaries, led by French Bishop Jean Baptiste Francois Pompallier, rocked up to Hokianga on the North Island of NZ and had the first Roman Catholic Mass there 3 days later.

1867 Having eradicated the native insect-eating birds of The Shaky Isles the settlers realised what a large boo-boo they'd made when their crops were a nasty mess so imported birds were introduced on this day at Lyttelton - blackbirds, starlings, thrushes, chaffinches, pheasants, partridges, skylarks and linnets (and the odd partirdge in a pear tree).

1887 New Brighton, near Christchurch, was blessed with the completion of it's new tramline.
New Brighton was a forward thinking place in the world's most forward thinking country; the first Kiwi Surf Life Saving Club opened there in 1910 and it was the only place for many decades where Saturday trading was allowed for general retail stores.

1927 Radiovision was here!
Well, a rather early version of television was demonstrated by young clever clogs Gilbert Miles and Donald McDonald (love those parents!) when they used a scanning system to transmit cartoons from radio stations 3UZ and 3DB in Melbourne.
We then played like an ostrich and never had the idiot box again until 1956.

1928 George Hood and John Moncrieff were daring young men in their flying machine; perhaps too daring for their own good when they took off from Oz in the attempt to swoop from Oz to NZ in a plane named Aotearoa but after 12 hours their radio signals stopped and they were never seen again.

1929 Another for Lee - Herge's character Tintin made his grand entrance on the world stage when he appeared in the comic Tintin In The Land Of The Soviets.
Which makes this his 80th birthday....and he doesn't look a day over 15.

1958 The first Opera House Lottery was drawn in NSW; tickets were £10 each with a prize of £100,000.

1985 Former member of NZ/Oz rock band Dragon keyboard player and hit song-writer Paul Hewson was found passed away in his car in Henderson, Auckland.

1999 The top No. 1 single in NZ was Believe by Cher.


  1. "For those readers on the other side of the planet who are still in Friday let me assure you it's a particularly nice Saturday that's coming up, worthy of leaping out of bed and frolicking in every second of it."

    Thanks for that. I think I can reasonably predict, however, that by the time the arse end of Saturday reaches us, it'll have turned snowy, frozen and miserable. That's because all of you Ozzies will have worn it out.

  2. But we turned it off at the wall when we weren't playing with it, really we did, Brian!

  3. 'Do you believe in life after love'.......

    Well I go believe in life after plastic surgery lol

    And yes, I definitely turn the days off when I'm finished playing with them!!

  4. "it's a particularly nice Saturday that's coming up"

    Unfortunately the memo didn't reach here - much more a stay in bed with frolicking optional (and dependent upon status of children)

  5. Painting your chooks claws and Cher's song "Believe" sounds like she's gargling a chook. What a foul state of affairs.

    Lack of sleep makes Anja a really weird person. Silence, Mistress. :)

  6. If she keeps going with the plastic fantastic, B, she could have her naval as a whole new talking point on her face :P

    Ahhh, hope you obeyed the day then ,Jeanie ;)

    Yes, yes, and no comment, Anja LOL.

  7. Tintin...father and son bonding in our house. Made quite a nice bit of "me" time. I am forever grateful.

  8. He's a great excuse for males of all ages to watch cartoons, Elizabeth lol.