Thursday, January 1, 2009

Trivial Deja vu History January 1

Haven't we done this dance before, boys and gals?
Isn't January 1 listed as "been there, done that one behind the shelter sheds" on our report card?
Well, bugger it I say.
Let's go there again but drag the Kiwis along with us for the ride this time just to add some spice to our day!
One more wee item - anything highlighted in pale blue is usually a link to another website with further information on whatever I've been blathering about.
Or I'm in a technicolour mood again, in which case just run your mouse across the page at random and you'll hear the hidden message that Ringo is dead, Ringo is dead.....

Do you, seriously, have any idea of how many events happened on this day in Oz history? None of those movers and shakers were ever invited to a single NYE party.
Anywhere in history.
The Kiwis, on the other hand..........., boring as batshit.
1809...nope, as fun as listening to Michael Jackson sing.
1822...damn, there was something I forgot to put out with the trash.
1823  YES! We should have this day off as an extra public holiday just to give thanks for the fact that distillation of spirits was officially allowed in the colony of NSW.
It's already a public holiday.

I am so cherry picking the good bits but, by crikey, for want of a decent drinking session under their belts, a knees up Mother Brown and a sing-along around the illegal bon-fire on the ecologically protected beach, they were a bunch of stuffy stuffed shirts in need of a personality.

1825...Tassie bridge opened, still working today, big deal.
1827...potential bird cage liner begins publication in Sydney.
1838...more bird cage liner is published in Melbourne.
1844...unwashed unemployed masses growl at Gov Gipps *yawn*
1849 Port Phillip fishwrapper changed its tie to become the Melbourne Morning Herald...ya want fries with that?
On the seventh day of Christmas my Truelove (any bloke under 100, heartbeat and lucidity optional) gave to me -
Baz without a budget, Paris afflicted with poverty,
Ni-cole de-prived of Botox!
Madonna chained to her coffin, Tom Cruise on the Mothership, Jen permanently gagged and Angelina forever stuck up a gum tree.

1850 About bloody time! Adhesive postage stamps were flung about with gay abandon in NSW.
1856 Tassie officially became Tassie.Or whatever pseudonym it uses in chat rooms.
1859 The pretty lighthouse, being the first one in NZ, on Pencarrow Head at Wellington was lit for the first time with many a jubulent party-goer sailing merrily out to inspect this latest addition to the local real estate.
1862 The Kiwis held their first rowing regatta on Lyttelton Harbour with not a straw boater hat in sight.
1867 Richard Kohler opened the first roller skating rink in Christchurch.In-line skating is the latest kink to your great-grannies egg sucking technique.
1901 Oz was Federated.But we got our distemper shots straight after.
1908 50,000 Kiwis had nothing better to do except watch Shakleton sail off into the sunset for Antarctica on the ship Nimrod.
1915  Let's get serious for a moment here. The Battle of Broken Hill happened where 2 men flying the Turkish flag opened fire on a train of picnickers, killing 6 and wounding 7.
1917 Daylight Savings reared its ugly head for the first time. Beating it back with a stick proved effective until The Knobs in Power brought it back from the dead during WW2.
1924 The beautiful Mt Stromlo Observatory made its debut to the public in Canberra.
Until 2003 when some twat forgot to do something, somewhere and the Canberra Firestorm hit.
1941 Those kind ogres, hell-bent on squeezing blood from stones, generously allowed us mere mortals to pay income tax in installments.
1942 That damn Daylight Savings was trotting about like the living dead under the guise as a "wartime measure".
1951 Until this time The Shaky Isles used to have an Upper House but the Kiwis decided on a bit of renovation and a decor do-over so thus sent the Upper House (aka Legislative Council) packing along with the 70's brown kitchen formica with the tacky gold lurex fleck.
1963 The Bogle - Chandler double murder mystery took place. A new possibility points the finger at dirty pollution practices of man with Mother Nature kicking back.
1971 Everyone parking their arses in cars in Victoria were told to "Belt Up!" by the new law.
1979 Use-by dates began appearing on food in Oz...which put a stop to the old habit of keeping food for decades in pantry's, forever hidden up the back but "just in case, you never know when we might fancy pickled goat fur-balls in strawberry vinegar".
2006 The hottest New Years Day was sweltered through in Sydney when the mercury exploded at 44.2 degrees Celcius (111.6F).
Hoping you all had a grand New Year's Eve and the forthcoming 2009 is your time to shine!


  1. dejavu and boo!
    happy new year and congrats on a blog well done.

  2. "Do you, seriously, have any idea of how many events happened on this day in Oz history?"

    None, if it's anything like Blighty, because everyone's suffering from too much of a hangover to be bothered accomplishing anything.

  3. Ooo yes. And I agree with Brian!

  4. *shudders* Michael Jackson singing *shudders*

  5. Ta and Happy 2009 Mdm Admin.

    Sadly Brian, this lot of The Powers that Be had too much time on their hands so they obviously weren't the life and soul of any NYE party !

    Thanks, Maddy :)

    My dogs howl better than he does, Anja ;)

  6. That Wiki map showing the progress of the canberra fires over time is really cool.

    Thanks for the link :)

  7. On the adhesive postage stamp note, were you aware that, according to the US Postage Service, the glue on a stamp is worth 1/10 of a calorie?

    (I know this thanks to the game of trivial pursuit we played last night).

    Happy New Year!

  8. Happy new year, Jayne. And yes...history does tend to happen at this time of the year.

  9. No probs, Marita, I thought it was really good, too.

    Happy New Year, MD!
    So I can guzzle about a bajillion stamps before it goes straight to my hips? :P

    Hope you have a great 2009, Reuben.
    Damn, history never seems to take a day off :P

  10. Happy New Year you madwoman.

    And I love madwomen.

  11. Mwah, Kel and a splendiferous 2009 back at ya ;)