Monday, January 5, 2009

Trivial History January 5

Yes, there was blood and gore yesterday, with scars and war stories being swapped amongst bloggers.
Today it's time for everyone to stop flashing the 32 centimetre zipper that was inserted to retrieve the lost marble from your left ear drum via your scrotum and right foot - and time to start finding your happy place to share with the rest of us.
Or moan and bitch with me about how far too young the new Doctor Who actor is...although I'm not actually taking bets on Sarah Jane changing the 13th doctor's nappies by 2015 but I'm sure some bookies would give you even odds!

1798 George Bass eyeballed a puddle he thought looked like a Westernport Bay-type and thus it was christened.

On the 11th day of Christmas my Truelove (the body in the morgue that Anja has on hold for moi) gave to me -
Cate Blanchett NOT birthing babies, Celine Dion's voice box, Daniel Craig at my mercy, Amy Winehouse actually sober, Baz without a budget, Paris afflicted with poverty ,
Ni-cole de-prived of Botox!
Madonna chained to her coffin, Tom Cruise on the Mothership, Jen permanently gagged and Angelina forever stuck up a gum tree.

1837 William Williams (aren't some parents bereft of imagination?) was appointed the first copper in South Oz and humped his bluey to Kangaroo Island where he was paid the unprincely sum of 30 pounds per year for the pleasure of playing turn-key and Mr Plod for the entire island.

Kate Bekinsale thinks living with her former and current hubbies is "odd".
No, sweet cheeks, that's just being a glutton for punishment!

1871 Ah Chang was a Chinese miner chappie who, along with his mates, was most likely saying a lot of "Ahhhh!" s when he unearthed a 1,621 oz gold nugget that they dubbed The Precious at a tiny town named Berlin (now named Rheola) 50 kms from Bendigo, close to Dunolly.

Quite a cat fight shaping up in a NZ lion park...lions and mummies and dollars, oh my!

1902 Stella Gibbons, brilliantly witty Brit author who not only didn't see somethin' narsty in the woodshed when she was pupped on this day but also gave us the parody Cold Comfort Farm.

1940 The first lot of troops to leave Canterbury from Lyttelton Harbour set sail for WW2 on the ships Dunera and Sobieski.

1963 Proving the old saying If you stand still long enough, everything comes back into fashion...
Victorian banks ceased opening for business on Saturdays.
And what are they doing these days....yes, opening for business on Saturdays.

1966 The footy park that never really was even when it existed was Waverley Park aka VFL Park aka AFL Park aka that great bloody cold, wet and miserable spot in the middle of a quagmire with no public transport...where was I ? Oh yeah, it began to be birthed on this day when construction started.

1970 Elvis slipped into the number 1 spot in Oz with Suspicious Minds for 3 weeks. This is the song ....but not Elvis....because Elvis is too busy at the 7/11 store to pose for a new video.

1975 The Tasman Bridge Disaster happened.
Click on the link HERE to read full details.

1977 Joe Hawke led members of Ngati Whatua to occupy Bastion Point Reserve in a protest against the crown sales of land that had been taken from Maori.They parked themselves there for 506 days before being evicted but eventually won.

Yes, I know, I missed filling the in-between bits...decided to chuck it tonight today and get some sleep before the bags under my eyes turn into suitcases and book themselves on a round-the-world flight.


  1. Is it just me, or does the new bloke have a head shaped like a weather-worn neolithic monolith?

  2. Oh my - the Tasman Bridge Disaster - I remember that well, although I had completely forgotten until you mentioned it.

    Those poor people. I remember the footage and a car teetering on the brink.

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  4. 35 freakin' non-stop minutes! That's how long the Bunny bitched to me about the pre-puberty Doctor, yesterday.

    And I (silly me and slap me with a wet fish) says, "Is it really all that important?"

    I said this to a guy that watched the final Vicar of Dibley, with the Daleks as attendants. You could see the excitement all over his little face. I inform him, 'over my dead body would I have Daleks'

    I know *sobs* I just don't understand the importance of the character of the Doctor and how John Pertwee was the best Doctor. *walks away in disgrace*

    Ooo, how long do you want me to keep the frosty on hold for you? Ah, nothing like cracking a cold one.

  5. "I just don't understand the importance of the character of the Doctor and how John Pertwee was the best Doctor."

    Sorry Anja, but for those of us who are a certain age, it has to be Patrick Troughton...not forgetting his assistant Zoe in that spangly little suit, of course.

  6. Alas, I fear the weather-worn neolithic monolith would carry far more information on it than the 20-something youngin, Brian.

    That's the thing that sticks in my mind, too, Jeanie, that car see-sawing on the edge *shudder*.

    John Pertwee was kinda cute, but, yes, it is vastly important and the world will stop on its axis lol.
    I'll pick him up tonight with a forklift, ta, Anja ;)

    They all rocked my boat until Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy - yerch.But John Pertwee (revisiting romantic velvet), Tom Baker(bringing neck hanging scarves into fashion) and Peter Davison (making celery the must-have button hole) were my favs.

  7. Sylvester McCoy for me...though I still insist that Martha is hot - and therefore the best companion...

  8. I thought Elvis worked at The Waffle House. Go figger.

  9. ugh at Dr Who, I might just play devils advocate and say Who cares lol!!! I must admit watching this as a kid many years ago with Jon and Colin, this prog used to scare the crap out of me and maybe thats why I do not care about Dr Who lol. :-P

  10. I've really liked all the companions in the new series, Reuben, but Catherine Tate's Donna was easily the best.

    Shhhhh, Evyl, that's his moonlighting job under an alias for tax purposes ;)

    LOL Janine, you blaspheme!
    *picks self up from floor*
    But we'll spare you the burning at the stake or the Iron Maiden this time ;) lol

  11. I was very distressed about the age of the new Doctor but then realised that so long as he is pretty I don't care. :grin:

  12. I'm with Marita, let's have him young and sweet, they're more malleable that way.

    As for Brian "weather-worn neolithic monolith", you're staring in the mirror again, aren't you?

  13. Sadly Jayne the fashion for unimaginative names hasn't faded. I went to school with a George Giorgiou in the 90s.

    And as for the Tasman Bridge - obviously do not remember it as I wasn't born at the time, but have since had several trips to Tassie and have passed over the Illawarra by boat several times. Knowing that something of that size was far beneath the water was humbling.

  14. LOL Marita :)

    Young and sweet, JahTeh? If he were any younger and sweeter he'd be a jelly baby :P

    MD, some parents need seeing to with a red hot poker ;)