Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Trivial History January 7

Yesterday's outing was....interesting.
Managed to find a great sewing machine at the op shop, then Feral Beast had a major meltdown at my friend's house, after which he fell off the trampoline hitting his head and giving himself a mild dose of concussion.
Am typing this the night before (as always) so I'm in for a late one with 1/2 hourly neuro obs, poking and prodding FB with a torch, etc.
If you hear some choice names being bandied about that shall just be The Spouse when I mistakenly wake him by shining a torch in his eyes...repeatedly.

Just as well today is the birthday of the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet, the Goddess of Healing!

1844 Riccarton was the setting for the very first European birth when Jeannie Manson was pupped.

1867 Simmering tensions boiled over on the Crocodile Creek goldfields when European miners attacked their Chinese counterparts and destroyed all their belongings in an effort to run them off the goldfield completely.

1896 George Adams held Tattersall's first lottery in Tassie to dispose of the Bank of Van Diemens Land Bank's assets as it had been liquidated.

1912 For Lee - Clever cartoonist Charles Addams was pupped, he who went on to give the world that terrific tribe - The Addams Family.

1931 Aussie flyer Guy Menzies was the first to swoop his way solo across the Tasman Sea to Aotearoa, taking a mere 11 hours and 45 mins to glide from Sydney to a crash landing in a swamp at Harihari on the West Coast of the South Island.

1933 Another Aussie aviator Bundaberg-born Bert Hinkler died in a plane crash in Italy whilst on a speed endurance flight from England to Oz.

1934 Pilot Charles Kingsford-Smith was a bit of a speed demon on land as well as the air, as today he broke the Sydney - Melbourne round trip record by vehicle, making it in just 17 hours via his sports car.

1941 The ABC Radio's Children's Session, that included the popular Argonaut's Club, gained new life and many fans when it became a national program.

1945 Also for Lee - Artist Jay Lynch, of underground American comix, was pupped.

1980 Top single in the Aussie charts on this date was Video Killed The Radio Star by The Buggles.

2006 It was confirmed in media reports that the Maori Queen ,Dame Te Atairangikaahu, was undergoing dialysis for kidney failure.


  1. Hey what a score at the op shop. I hope FB is feeling better today, certainly gave me a fright and I was just reading about it. I loved that song video killed the radio star, I like to sing that one on sing star.

  2. Ouch.
    Hope all is now well and you can go nap.

  3. Sounds like you've been having fun, Jayne. Here's to a better today tomorrow.

  4. Oooo, poor FB. Healing vibes for the young man.

    Bah, the spouse has kept you awake enough nights with his combined rendition of a combine harvester mating with a chain saw snoring noises. He'll survive.

  5. What upset FB was probably learning that you are going to use the sewing machine to run him up some clothes.

  6. I love that song, too, Janine lol.
    All's well with FB now, thank goodness!

    A nana nap looks lovely right now Elizabeth!

    Thanks, Brian.

    Exactly, Anja, now I don't feel so guilty lol.

    Actually, Andrew, it was probably the thought of being taught to use the sewing machine that did it lol.

  7. I was never a big fan of Lynch's work although I certainly have more appreciation for it now.

    I didn't know that he worked on the Garbage Pail Kids cards of which I collected a few!

    I think I should get you over to QYDJ to do "In comics this month" feature every month :)

  8. OMG I remember the Garbage Pail Kids!

  9. The 80's were a really good decade for really crappy tunes.

  10. I loved the 80's music!
    Actually I don't remember a lot other than the music now that I come to think about it!!

  11. And all the teens are re-discovering the music, Evyl LOL.

    They say that you didn't really experience the 60's if you can remember them...I think it holds true for the 80's too, Moe ;)