Saturday, January 3, 2009

Trivial History January Trey

Oh, look it's our very first Saturday of 2009!
Today's trivia is brought to you by the letters O and W, the numbers 6, 6 and 6, with the added aroma of singed skin as I get myself comfy down here.....

1840 Surveyors rocked up in Port Nicholson to cast their baby blues over the lump of dirt for the New Zealand Company settlement that ended up with the moniker Wellington.
On the 9th day of Christmas my Truelove (whoever I happen to be drooling over in the gossip pages) gave to me -
Daniel Craig at my mercy, Amy Winehouse actually sober, Baz without a budget, Paris afflicted with poverty,
Ni-cole de-prived of Botox!
Madonna chained to her coffin, Tom Cruise on the Mothership, Jen permanently gagged and Angelina forever stuck up a gum tree.

1883 Lyttelton Harbour's stone Graving Dock (dry dock for all you landlubbers) was officially opened so you can pop along and have your bottom scraped.

I'd like to lay this at the feet of Baz but sadly his movie is more likely to inspire the oh-why-did-I-wait-so-long-to-leave-the-bastard-in-the-desert divorces.

1900 If having your nether regions freed from barnacles was not your cuppa tea then you could slip along to The City of Churches (Adelaide) and marvel with the rest of the Croweaters at the new toy - electric street lighting.
Didn't have a hope of keeping anyone off the streets and out of mischief after that...

A frozen beer lake in Germany.
And how many tongues were stuck....?
1907 The first rescue of the Bondi Surf Life Saving Club involved a lot of muscular, tanned blokes in tight, skimpy costumes....and the rescue of 2 small boys, 1 of whom was Charles Kingsford Smith, who went on to flutter about.
 Mz Hilton is off to visit sick kiddies.
We can only hope that she isn't contagious....

1912 William Hart was a flying fang carpenter (dentist) who , apart from teaching people the correct way to brush, also wanted to teach people the correct way to pilot a plane (getting that wrong would leave you needing more than a few fillings) so he had the Postmaster General grandly open Hart's Aviation School in Penrith.

Scientists reckon the Great Barrier Reef will stop growing by 2050.; thank goodness for that! The damn thing is ruining the sea views and we were wondering how we'd go about poisoning it after we chopped down the trees along the coast....

1919 NZ scientist who was a bit of a kill-joy was Ernest Rutherford who boldly announced to the world that he'd got in the midst of a perfect partnership and split the atom.

Damn Kiwis, bragging about how hot their nights are....
Would you prefer a cold spoon or ice cubes ?!

1930 The Kiwis were getting all fancy and technical when they made The Coubray-Tone News(yes, blue means it's a link) the first NZ-made talkies, premiered on this day at the Plaza Theatre in Auckland.

My best friend's adult daughter has begun dating a nice chap who unfortunately has a nouveau riche mother attempting to put on airs and graces while picking on my friends' daughter for imagined slights.
I asked the daughter if the woman had had a nativity scene for Christmas as she wouldn't have to look far for the donkey, just in her bathroom mirror.

1958 Sir Edmund Hillary and a few chums had been at a loose ends so they strolled over to the South Pole to see what was doing - wasn't much as the penguins had taken a vow of silence - the first since Robert Scott wandered by in 1912.

I suggested that, as an ice breaker, maybe she should buy the woman some Metamucil as she's obviously overly full of shit....

1967 On this date The Brothers Gibb aka The Bee Gees were No. 1 on the Oz singles chart with Spicks and Specks. Click HERE to listen and wander down memory lane.
I was suprised to learn that the woman also had a drivers's licence and was frequently behind the wheel of her uber-expensive vehicle; I found this rather dangerous seeing as she would have little vision of the road with her head so far up her own arse...

2000 Just for Lee - the very last original Peanuts comic strip, penned by Charles Schulz, was published. Snoopy, Woodstock and Charlie Brown took an extended break.

I asked my friends' daughter if I could speak to the woman, only to disprove a scientific theory that states while ignorance is bliss no one that stupid could possibly function on a daily basis without making the whole of mankind high as a crack whore.
For some reason she wouldn't give me the woman's number....


  1. Oh, look it's our very first Saturday of 2009!

    Better get out the remaining alcohol then eh?

  2. "...the very last original Peanuts comic strip, penned by Charles Schulz, was published."

    Or was it? Archaeologists have recently discovered what they believe to be the final installment.

  3. Yipee for surveyors rocking up in Port Nicholson, cos "where ever I lay my hat that's my home" :-p

    and Ow at your OW......slice a tomato and rubbed it over te skin, or make a cup of tea and use the cold tea bag over the singed bits. Aloe vera is alo good on singed bits.

  4. Gee I wonder why your friends daughter wouldn't give you that ladies phone number? Sounds like you just want to have a nice pleasant cuppa with her :grin:

  5. Nope, just the Sarsparilla, Reuben :P

    Drat, the link didn't work, Brian :(

    Or you could have been the first to explore your home, Janine lol.
    Thanks for the burns tip :)

    Excatly, Marita...just can't figure out why she won't let me speak to her LOL.

  6. Aww, you could have had such a lovely discussion with the woman. It could have been very enlightening to see how people handle conflict resolution without a crowbar.

  7. Ah, the lord-mayor said "let their be light" in Adelaide. I never realised they were enlightened down there!

  8. Brilliant loved the commentary about the 'woman'sounds like someone I know.

    if I didn't already wish you ...
    I wish you a wonderful 2009 , an abundance of love, laughter, good health and happiness and of course many blogable moments - (nicked the last bit off Jeanie)

    I think you missed the brought to you by the letter C as in... O W

  9. My friend's daughter knows how my discussions tend to go, Anja LOL.

    It was having your bum scraped or seeing the light, Jeanie...I know which I'd have picked lol.

    LOL Ta, Trish, though I haven't seen too many steaks down here in the inner circle of Hell :P