Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Trivial Tuesday Trekkin' Through The Universe History January 27

Feral Beast and I tramped the Rosstown Rail Trail yesterday, all 8.5 kms of it in 2 and a bit hours.
Yes, "a bit" is an acceptable form of measurement....just like "as big as a bee's dick", "half a mo" and "two fingers of scotch". (And if I don't start losing weight soon with all this tramping about I'll know for certain that aliens are shoving food down my gullet whenever I'm snoring breathing heavily).
Nice walk, very easy gradients, no swinging from the treetops or throwing myself over fences to escape wild buffalos....just mild suburbia.
It's an ok beginners trail, well-signposted and a pleasant journey but there's sweet FA remaining of the old railway line and you'll be whistling Dixie looking for any.
But the houses in Elsternwick...!
Dahhhhlinks, they are worth the walk! They are a veritable sumptuous feast for the eyes!
We picked out at least a dozen slate-shingled, triple storied, heritage listed beauties to take home with us (in our backpack, of course) before we stumbled over the block of flats doing a RL version of The Secret life of Us; BBQ burning meat bits, very fashionable wenches trying to not drool over the Samuel Johnson look-a-like, party lights and music, Emo bois draping themselves over the balcony very prettily whilst fluttering their lashes at the David Tredinnick look-a-like...it looked almost as entertaining as the original but somehow I doubt they would have let me pull up a sun lounge in the middle of the street to watch the rest of the performance....but I could sell tickets...

1820 Finding that any old dollop of dirt just didn't do the deed for the dead The Powers That Be had the Sydney Burial Ground, later known as Sandhills Cemetary, consecrated.
It was known even later than that as Central Station.

1859 The grand old gutter of Australia aka the Darling River became a highway on this day when the paddle steamer ship "Albury" debuted on the watery road, heralding the beginning of the popular (and rather rheumatic romantic) means of transport.

1860 Infamous Erewhon novelist Samuel Butler leapt ashore at Lyttelton and proceeded to spend the next 3 years living in the Canterbury High country in a cob hut where he scribed his life and experiences into letters home to his dear Papa....and threw in a few articles for the press for bread and butter.

1962 Cook's Gardens in Wanganui was the setting for speedy Kiwi Peter Snell's world record for galloping the mile in 3 mins 54 secs.

1974 8,000 Brivegas-ites were evacuated from their home, sweet homes as flood waters washed through the streets. With all the practice they've had they should have it down to a fine art by now!

1984 Due to all that cloud juice falling from the sky in Southland the day before, a State of Emergency was screeched from the rooftops while 4,000 were evacuated and they had the pleasure of eyeballing a damages bill to the tune of NZ$55 million.

2000 Macy Gray was in the top 50 NZ singles charts for 21 weeks and hit the No.1 spot with I Try.


  1. Since you have done the trail, and there is nothing to see, I shan't bother. Merci.

  2. LOL You're welcome, DrewAn ;)

  3. But pretty houses, Andrew! Since when do you pass on architecture?

  4. According to Oprah today (shut up, I was vacuuming and it was on in the room I was in) there is really a sleep eating disorder.

  5. Tres purdy abodes, MD and Andrew ;)

    And you can catch obesity like the cold or flu, too lol.

  6. A point MD, but I am pretty familiar with E'wick houses. We used to walk the streets there for exercise.