Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Water-free Wednesday Trivial History January 14

 Yes, we're such devotees of The Simpson's in Oz *gag* we've even now got our own mutant fish.
For all the fishy dirt click HERE.
Yes, we here in Oz continue using chemicals long after other civilised countries ban them...Aren't we just lucky little sunbeams of sunshine?
You think we're freaking out about contaminated water?
Hell yeah! Coping with fish fornicating in it was bad enough!
But it'll be ok once the politicians do their double-speak mumbo jumbo, flash their rabbits in hats at the media and no one will know they're eating Soylent Green...errr, 2 headed fish.

1834 Charles Waldron of the Illawarra district was belted to death although he took a good long 4 days to expire when convicts Mary Maloney and Sarah McGregor battered their tyrant boss (though not with a nice beer fish batter).
Over-whelming public sympathy saw their death sentences changed to 3 years imprisonment.

1852 Damn and blast it!
Melbourne failed miserably in it's bid to take over the whole world while we Melbournians could laugh maniacly, rubbing our hands together and plot the demise of some despot, somewhere, who displeased us greatly become the capital of Oz.
*sigh* We can still dream of being world boss....

1876 Collingwood - which is really and truly much more than just a bloody football team that loses the plot when it gets to the finals (waves to Eddie McGuire) - was proclaimed a city.
SEE?! Proof HERE it exists outside the damn footy oval!

1886 The "Great Peninsula Fire" ,as it came to be called, destroyed much of the native bushland on the Banks Peninsula of the South Island of NZ.

1891 Kiwi Bob Fitzsimmons knocked Jack Demspey out in New Orleans, winning the world middleweight boxing title.

1939 Bushfires throughout NSW claimed 8 lives with temperatures in Sydney reaching 113.6 F (45.3 C).

1985 Aussies, for 4 weeks, were singing every.little.word to number 1 single Band Aid's Do They Know It's Christmas?

2003 Those in the Shaky Isles were pushing Las Ketchup to number 1, for 7 weeks, with The Ketchup Song.

Vale Nancy Bird Walton, superb pioneering aviator who helped save many lives.


  1. I wanted to see what your mutant fish with two heads looked like, but when I clicked on the link it must have swum off.

  2. I would never have believed that about Collingwood! lol

  3. Not only did we sing, but we knew two important facts.

    We were saving the world.

    And which bit each singer sang and gave the same warbles at the required spots.

    Oh, and for a bonus I knew every breath point Paul Young made, but that was my lookout.

  4. Does everyone apart from Collingwood supporters really hate Collingwood? As I understand aerial ping-pong about as much as I understand the Wiggles, it's always been a bit of a mystery why there's this 'thing' about Collingwood.

  5. LOL, B :P

    Paul Young was/is a scrumptious thing, breathing or not, Jeanie ;)

    It's a joking kind of dislike, Anja, like the 3rd cousin who is a show off but everyone tolerates him and gives him curry when he stuffs up and winds him up for a laugh.
    Collingwood is our silly 3rd cousin ;)

  6. "Dr Landos and Dr Glanville said there was no danger for people either swimming or eating fish from the Noosa River..." they say, two heads are better than one.

  7. Do you think that PETA would want to call these deformed little fishy's "Sea Kittens", or are they no longer cute with 2 heads?

  8. Two headed fish would be a great boon to fish head soup cooks.

  9. And they're already ahead on most pollies, Brian :P

    Only if they dine on free range krill, Deb ;)

    But would they give you a 2 for the price of 1 deal, Evyl ?:P