Sunday, January 11, 2009

Why must we have seconds when we'd rather have the first helping repeated?

What is it with tv shows being re-made into American-style versions  then being flogged on our Aussie idiot boxes when we've already seen the Brit/Scottish/Irish/Russian/Swedish maid in fishnet tights or even our own home-grown versions?
The Office, Kath and Kim, and now Life On Mars is being regurgitated into our lounge rooms, as if the network programmers think we won't notice a repeat helping of something we've recently seen...except the second serving is usually a tepid, microwaved plastic meal of nothingness compared to the original.
And I bet the US version of Life on Mars doesn't include the accidental wet t-shirt contest at the convent during an undercover operation!
What is wrong with buying a show and letting the audience make up their own mind about it, or even learn about another culture and sense of humour rather than re-film an entire show just because the audience "mightn't get the jokes" ?
TV bosses seem to be labouring under the misunderstanding that viewers are as stupid as the bosses.


  1. Damn! You stole my post! I was going to discuss this very thing. And yes, the US version of Life on Mars is as painful as undergoing a proctological biopsy in the hands of a deaf, blind doctor with halitosis.

  2. "And yes, the US version of Life on Mars is as painful as undergoing a proctological biopsy in the hands of a deaf, blind doctor with halitosis."

    I've worked with that doctor!

    The US version of Kath and Kim is truly woeful. Although, being a fan of really cheesy 70s sitcoms, I did prefer "All in the family" to "Till death do us part"

    'Archie Bunker' does bigot so well.

  3. Some things just ought not to be touched, and Life on Mars is one of them. I have heard the US audience generally won't watch foreign language films.

  4. "I bet the US version of Life on Mars doesn't include the accidental wet t-shirt contest at the convent..."

    American censorship (going off at a slight tangent) is very odd. They're quite happy to leave in the violence but take out any possible reference to sex...which is possibly why they feel the need to remake British programmes. (That doesn't excuse removing Ringo's voiceover from Thomas the Tank Engine and replacing it with some American narrator though.) Make war not love, in other words.

    NCSI I find particularly strange. When the corpses are laid out on Ducky's table, they always have a dazzling white light shining out of their private parts. You'd think the pathologists would automatically assume that the victim had died from eating radioactive sausages.

  5. Lack of imagination I reckon!


  6. We shall be having bamboo shoved under our fingernails those nights, Reuben.

    I saw 6 mins of the US Kath and Kim and had the urge to staple the actors to the undercarriage of a low flying jet, Anja.

    Agreed- Life On Mars shouldn't be re-filmed at all.I much preferred the Brit Queer as Folk but US actor Gale Harold was rather nice eye candy, Andrew.

    I keep waiting for Abby to extract Tony's head from his rear, Brian, but I think she's been distracted by the bright lights :P

    They can recognise quality shows when they see them, G, but the idea of having to remake them so an English speaking country can understand an English-speaking show is bizarre.

  7. I cannot understand it either Jayne.

    I wonder if US citizens are a little like children in some households - they eat "green trees" because they know "green trees", but if offered broccholi would be quite scared because its new.

    Obviously that is how their television executives view them, anyway.

    I know many who would "get" the English version quite easily - but they aren't offered.

    Is it a bit like the old UK radio edict that music could only be played if it used Brit musicians?

    The US needs television Caroline.

  8. I want to staple the Australian actors, producers and writers to the undercarriage of a low flying jet. The show's a national embarrassment.

  9. I'm no fan of the aussie version of kath and kim, but the american version is even worse and I just didn't think that was possible!!

  10. I've not seen the US version of Kath and Kim and am feeling very, very fortunate.
    The latest I've heard is they are taking Outrageous Fortune and making it into a US version. Ummmm......what???!

  11. They don't get the chance at all, Jeanie.

    I don't mind it, Reuben, but it's not everyone's cuppa tea or rocket surgery ;)

    They plumbed new, unknown depths, B!

    WTF, Kelly?????
    They can't!

  12. Harvey Keitel playing Gene Genie?
    It just ain't right!!!