Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wombling Trivial Wednesday Tobermory History January 28

 I shant bore you with the wild carry ons we've been up to, nor shall I regale you with the trips, treks and jaunts we've set out upon.
No, I will not be drawn into revealing our hectic tourist schedule in and around the CBD nor can I , in all honesty, expect you to listen to the amazing adventures we've enjoyed.
Coz sitting at home in the cool, dark house on our bums has been the most exciting activity in this heat.
Although I have drawn the line at opening our eyes as far too robust and energy sapping.....

Oh, look! It's National Kazoo Day!
Learn all about this splendid instrument....and listen to it being employed to play The Final Countdown.....I did say "listen" !

1827 Jules Sebastien Cesar Dumont d'Urville tried to pass himself off as an explorer but in reality he was a bit of a wag, a dare devil and a show off, none more so than the time he jauntily sailed his ship Astrolabe through the French Pass and into Admiralty Bay.

1851 An outbreak of fire destroyed a large section of Deans/Riccarton Bush.

1852 The Crow-eaters in South Oz passed the Bullion Act along with the brandy snifters and cigars which allowed for the pretty little gold ingots to be used as legal tender for a whole year.

1887 Someone in Montana, USA, had a lot of time on their hands during a snowstorm to be able to measure the snowflakes just to prove they were the largest ever (and to have the last word).
Oh, and for anyone thirstily dreaming of snowflakes they were 8 inches thick and 15 inches wide....

1893 The Federal Bank of Australia, located in Melbourne, was no longer located anywhere after this date as it went belly-up, taking most banks with it in a game of dominos.

1901 A Wellington blacksmith, William Hardham, went away to the Boer War in South Africa and came home with the only Victoria Cross won by a Kiwi in that bloody mess.

1931 A great and wonderous new political party was launched at a meeting in Sydney, the All For Australia League. Not a lot out there in cyber space about this party....unless you want to see the cover of the music sheet for the Official Anthem of the party they had prettily printed up? Or a dissertation on the party?
How about some nice scones with jam and cream and a fresh pot of tea, instead?

Goodness! All that finished and before the outbreak of WW2 !
Another very dull and uninspiring date in history.
Now close you eyes and sit in the cool dark with us........


  1. "An outbreak of fire destroyed a large section of Deans Bush."

    That's what happens if you smoke in bed.

  2. W. J. Hardham's VC was also the first won by a Kiwi in an overseas conflict. There's info on how he did it here:

  3. Why is it you have such a great blog? Great Lisa has sent you that link. Got family roasting up in Gosford so they tell me. Hot as hell. Same here too.

  4. I shall do the typical Aussie question, "Is it hot enough for you?"

  5. Always keep a jug of water on your bedside table, Brian !

    Oh, thanks for that, Lisa!

    Thanks, Liz, your blog is pretty great, too!
    Currently 39.5 degrees here, blerch.

    No, Anja, I feel it could be at least another 10 degrees warmer as my toes are still feeling nippy :P

  6. Ehhhhh...the heat.
    I think my eyes are bleeding.

  7. Try sticking your head in the freezer for a few minutes, Freefalling...or slices of cold cucumber are magic ;)

  8. National Kazoo Day? Now that is a day worth celebrating.

  9. So, is that where the phrase 'Up The Kazoo' came from?