Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Woosh - there it goes over your head Trivial History January 13

Time Team has finally at long bloody last been dragged onto the History Channel on Foxtel but, Lordy, we've travelled back in time to the very beginning. Saw bits of the first episode last week- EEK! Beards were big, hair was long, Mick still had colour in his grey hair and BEARD, Phil wore jeans (yay) Tony had hair and BIG glasses and was so geeky at hosting it's almost painful. Every man and his dog - and sometimes his missus, too - had a beard, some bushy enough to scrub pots down the local pub for a counter meal.
Saw the second episode last night and, yes, they've improved with age....despite Phil's shorter-than-short-shorts.

1854 Fire and timber buildings really didn't bode well for prime real estate when sparky flames burnt down 3 stores and 5 houses in Elizabeth Street in Melbourne.

1890 Kiwi boxer Torpedo Billy Murphy took out the World Featherweight boxing title, the first NZ-er to win a professional world boxing title when he defeated Ike Weir in San Francisco.

1891 Edison's phonograph was being flashed around Aotearoa when it went on public display.

1926 Just for Brian - Author of his favourite Paddington Bear, Michael Bond, was pupped on this day in cave somewhere in darkest Peru.

1939 Came to be known as Black Friday due to the raging bushfires throughout Victoria that claimed 71 lives, millions of hectares of forest and thousands of homes as Melbourne sweltered in 114.1 F (45.6 C in the new money).
What is largely forgotten is the heatwave, that triggered the many bushfires of Black Friday, claimed 438 lives in Victoria.

1962 The banks in every state, except Victoria, opened for the very final time on a Saturday...until recently when they've found it to be beneficial to the coffers to ply their trade on a Saturday once more.

1966 The Kiwi's were bopping to the top single that was The Hollies with Stop,Stop, Stop!

1968 Top Aussie single was Sadie The Cleaning Lady by Johnny Farnham...though I've never seen a cleaning lady wearing less than a cleaning rag like the ones in the video....

1969 Captain Cook carelessly lost his cannons, from the ship Endeavour, just off Cooktown Qld on the Endeavour Reef - he claimed it was something to do with lightening the load of the boat - but they were finally returned to the lost property box on this day.

1978 The Crown Prince Reza of Iran - who was about to become the exiled Crown Prince Reza - stopped off for a 2 day visit to NZ on his way to USA.

2003 The Bali Memorial Garden was officially opened , within the Victorian Parliamentary Gardens, in memory of those who died in the 2002 Bali bombings.


  1. "Just for Brian - Author of his favourite Paddington Bear, Michael Bond, was pupped on this day in cave somewhere in darkest Peru."

    Nah...Winnie the Pooh's my favourite bear (I still well up at the end even now), just so long as it's not the hideous Disney version -- got to be the original Milne and Shepard classics...anything else is an insult -- although Paddington's quite good too.

  2. Monday nights at 7:30. We seem to have regressed to 2000 but that's ok I haven't seen these TT yet.

    I hate it when you get sucked in and then they make the programme disappear and don't announce it's return.

    Right now they've taken away Midsummer so I can have brain lessons.

  3. Chalk me up as one of those who didn't know about the heatwave that killed...
    makes me very glad I got the air con put on here a couple of years ago!

  4. I just like him for his marmalade :P

    Yes, Elizabeth, tv programmers need a stick taken to them at times ;)

    Exactly, FD! Enjoy it today, too!

  5. My hounds stole my Paddington and my Womble. Thieving bastards.

  6. I hate that song.

    hubby loves ol'Johnny. I won't let him play it in the house - that's a "in the truck" cd ;)

    does that make me unpatriotic?

  7. But at least they let you keep teh Bunneh, Anja ;)

    Not at all, B, Johnny cringes and winces everytime someone mentions the song, too lol.

  8. I think that I need something cleaned.