Monday, January 19, 2009

Yes, I'm late January 19 Trivial History Blah!

I have a perfectly good excuse for my tardiness, sir/miss....
I was off galivanting and having a ripper of a time in rural Hurstbridge.
Well, I would have been if the op shop hadn't been closed (darn those volunteers actually having a life *shakes fist at sky* ).
So, we ambled our arses back down the track to Greensborough where we frolicked in the 30+ eggs-over-easy-on-the-footpath weather, then trotted on home via Ventura Bus lines.
Can I take a moment to mention the fantabulous Wattle Cafe in Hurstbridge? was closed, too.
But the Stoneground Bakery had the most scrumptious smells drifting out from its doors that it almost made me forsake my tuna and onion home-made sangas.
The crusts of which we donated to the baby Magpie who begged ever-so-politely from the tree above us.

1835 The "last remaining" Tassie Aborigines were rounded up and put onto Flinders Island.
Apparently all those others in Tassie were figments of our imaginations.

1840 William Hobson stalked off into the sunset from Sydney to become Lt-Governor of NZ.
These days you're allowed to exchange things for cruddy workmanship.

1845 Hone Heke was a tad miffed with the he chopped the flagpole down.
For the 3rd time.

1900 Sydney excitedly discovered its very first case of the plague; in the following 8 months 103 people were carried off this mortal coil from the disease.

1935 The Duke of Gloucester descended upon the Canterburians ? Christchurchians ? for 3 days.

1947 The TSMV Wanganella was completing her first trans-Tasman since the Second World War broke out when she went aground at the entrance to Wellington Harbour on Barrett Reef.
All 400 passengers were safely rescued without harm and the ship was refloated off the reef on February 6th but she was out of commission for almost 2 years.

1954 QE II and Phil the Greek descended upon the Christchurchians ? Canterburians ? for 3 days in the first visit to The Shaky Isles by a monarch plopped on the throne.

1956 Two brand spanking new banks opened their doors - The Bank of NSW and the ANZ.

1957 A Melbourne icon, The Argus newspaper hit the seedy city streets for the final time.

1967 An explosion at the Strongman Mine , at Runanga, left 19 dead due to safety regs not being followed.

1976 Every Aussie was rockin' to Ted Mulry Gang at the top spot with the original, un-Hoff-molested Jump In My Car .
Or you could revisit The Angels Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again (no way get flocked, flock off)...

1995 Pope John Paul II conducted a mass at Rankwick Racecourse for horse number 11 in the 5th race who didn't have a snow flake's hope of even making it around the course to celebrate Mary MacKillop's beatification.

2000 S Club 7 had the Kiwis bopping away to the number one S Club Party.
Or you could re-visit one of their other hits Don't Stop Movin


  1. "Can I take a moment to mention the fantabulous Wattle Cafe in Hurstbridge?"

    This 'ere is a wattle, the emblem of our land,
    You can stick it in a bottle. You can 'old it in your 'and.

    (That's from Monty Python, incidentally, so don't blame me.)

  2. Op shop...


    it just doesn't go together does it,
    especially when you spy goodies through the window...*sigh*


  3. So long as it's admired from afar, the sinuses will all be well, Brian :P

    Exactly, G!
    I was pawing at the window, whining over the goodies I could see but it didn't change the "Closed" sign at all *sigh*.

  4. Much to my shame I adore S Club 7, the tiny little blond girl fascinates me, she is just adorable and I want to keep her as a pet to play with....

    Ah okay now I just sound creepy, but she is so tiny and cute.

  5. Jump In My Car is a great song. I have it on my i-pod playlist.

  6. That's Hannah Spearritt, Marita, who more than made up for being Height Challenged by gobbling up the alphabet :P

    Excellent taste, River - Hoff or Ted Mulry version?