Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mullock Heap Monday Feb 2 Trivial History

The 10 mins re-boot was back today despite my best efforts at crippling this bloody boat anchor even more repairing it.

It's Housecleaning Day in Tibet.
Damn, I knew I should have ordered more polish in...

1803 Inquisitive chappie Charlie Grimes found the Yarra River, a spot of dirt too thin to plough and too thick to drink.

1852 The first public loo for the male of the species opened in Fleet Street, London.

1918 Sir John Forrest or as he was known at the time, John, became the first Aussie-born peer when someone touched his shoulders with a nasty looking sword and made him answer to "Sir".

1912 Emma Miller was left rather unimpressed with a mounted police charge headed in her direction so she took her handy dandy hat pin and stuck it into the horse that bore the Qld Commissioner of Police who was tossed gaily in their air and thereafter walked with a limp.

1960 The Shaky Isles like to do things BIG and the same went for the opening of Burnside High School, the largest in the whole Southern Hemisphere.
1975 Maslin Beach in South Oz began its legal exhibitions when it became the first legal nude beach in The Wide Brown Land of Oz.

1974 John Walker flew into second place for the men's 1,500 metre final of the Christchurch Commonwealth Games.


  1. The Yarra. Good Heavens. Shy little piss channel, full of old bones and ancient cow guts.
    Yes. But hey!- something to gaze down on from your WATERFRONT APA-A-A-ARTMENT.

    ha ha ha!

    -Lord Sweetiepie!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. "The first pulic loo for the male of the species opened in Fleet Street, London."

    Are the Daily Mail offices that old?

  3. What about ones for the ladies?!

  4. Old bones, maybe but not-so-ancient cow guts from your memory bank, Lord Sweetiepie :P

    Sorry about the spelling mistake.
    I think the gutter press set up house where they felt most comfortable, Brian :P

    They just lifted their skirts and went wherever they were, Casdok.

  5. Drop the formality, just call me sweetiepie.

  6. I might call you anything, sweetiepie, even late for dinner :P

  7. Aye. But not if it's candle-lit!

    ha ha ha!

    Lord Sweetiepie!