Thursday, February 5, 2009

Awwwwwww I feel all soft and mushy... and it's nothing to do with the heat

I've been given this One Lovely Blog Award from 2 great bloggers - Anja and Nicki.
Thanks, girls. Much appreciated!
Check out their blogs for some fine reading and writing entertainment!

The rules are as follows -
1.Add the logo to your blog
2.Link to the person who gifted you the award.
3.Nominate 7 or more blogs to bestow the award upon.
4. Leave a message on their blog telling them they have One Lovely Blog!

Now I have to share the lurve with 7 more lovelies so here goes....

Back Roads coz Liz rocks with the NZ history thang.
CopperWitch coz JahTeh can beat phone line techies with a big stick.
Ann O'Dyne just coz she is...and she juggles Bombay Sapphire Gin the correct way.
Queer Issues coz Kath has bigger balls than some blokes I know.
The Dating Diaries coz MD has been mozzed to have twins in the future...or triplets...or a herd of rhino...
Life's Illusions I Recall coz Deb has excellent taste in stuff.
TimeSpanner coz Lisa rocks with the NZ history thang...and old railways float her boat, too.


  1. Thank you very, very much, Jayne. You're a true true treasure! Only thing is -- I don't know 7 other blogs to pass this on to (I don't get out much). How about a Honorary Mention? :)

  2. oh poor Timespanner.
    There are SO Many Good Blogs and so little time.

    Congratulations Jayne -you deserve gorgeous teasets and roses.

  3. Oh cool. More blogs to investigate.

  4. But not the Fylde and Wyre Antiquarian, of course, because I'm a cynical old hector who understands free marketing tactics only too well. Ahem...(looks embarassed for a moment and then wanders off).

  5. You're welcome, Lisa ;)

    Thanks, Ann :)

    There's always more blogs, Anja lol.

    Sorry, Brian, I just didn't think the pink teaset and roses was quite "you".

  6. Thanks Jayne! I am truly honoured to have recieved this award. I'd also like to thank my mum, and my manager - without them, my blog just wouldn't be what it is today. To my cat Vicki, without your morning snuggles, I just wouldn't be able to get up in the mornings to write more blogs. And of course I really must thank God...

  7. Ta muchly Jayne but don't expect to see it on the blog too soon, I'm still trying to keep connected and put up my little hamster widget and now a teacup which is gorgeous.

  8. I'll have to check some of them out.