Sunday, February 8, 2009

Don't be so Trivial Reckless, throw down your history guns February 8

 Having drunk my weight, and that of the entire nation, in water yesterday you may now call me Molok.
Though I can't promise to laugh at your jokes or save your baked lawn from extinction by regurgitating my digested drinks....
But if you hum a few bars I'll try to join in by the 2nd chorus.

1833 Being the SNAG that he wasn't Lt-Gov Arthur sent an email off to the Colonial Office bragging about what a great fellow-me-lad he was for creating a separate Survivor camp at Port Arthur for boy convicts aged 9 -18 yrs named Port Puer.

1843 John Rutherfurd Blair, who later became a pretty talented all-rounder, popped into this world.

1857 Now I've got conflicting opening dates for St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in Christchurch.
Some say the 1st of Feb, others say 8th of Feb, but I'll bung it in today as I've missed posting it on the 1st and it's a scrumptious building to drink in so go have a gander HERE.

Did you know....
That making shadow puppet shapes on the wall by the light of a monitor gets my cats gingered up into mountain climbing the wall?!

1859 For those old enough to remember Princes Bridge Station - it was officially opened on this day, as was the line from Princes Bridge to Richmond.

1879 The Infamous Sydney Riot of 1879 took place.
The place = Moore Park, Sydney.
The time = late arvo, 8th Feb.
The reason =......*ahem* ....a cricket umpiring decision that the crowd disagreed with....

1921 *Clears throat whilst poking Kosky awake*
The Alberton to Yarram railway line was opened. Click on the Alberton link for the saddest little remains of a train platform you're likely to ever clap eyes on.
Then tell me Kosky isn't a cruel cow not to re-open that sweet little station....

What with all the water I was drinking and all the icy cold celery I was chomping on, I spent more time on the loo yesterday than during all 3 of my pregnancies.
Now I know what I was missing....

1931 NZ's first air fatality on a scheduled air service happened when a Dominion Airline DeSoutter plane crashed near Wairoa whilst maintaining contact with those in the Napier earthquake zone (the Hawke's Bay earthquake) with the loss of all 3 on board.

1932 The mother of rock and roll journalism, Lillian Roxon, was found in the daisy bush.

1946 What with the distractions of war and Churchill's blatherings speeches on the radio the British people suddenly noticed they were a tad short of edible goods so the Aussies sent them a picnic parcel lunch of meat, cheeses, wheat/flour and butter.

Feral Queen, eldest fruit of my loins, sweat of my brow and (but one of 3) causes of my grey hairs was parked just metres from her doorstep on St Kilda beach, feet in the water, umbrella over her head and having a nana nap. Lucky bugger.

1952 The Northern Territory News was first flung onto the streets, making this its 57th birthday.

1982 The Kiwis were bumpin' and grindin' to Dave Stewart and Barbara Gaskin's tortured rendition of It's My Party.

1982 While the Aussies were mellowing out with Lindsey Buckingham in Trouble.

One way to while away the hot day is to stick one's dirty feet inside an esky filled with ice cubes.
One way to while away the frostbite one has on one's dirty feet is to hop outside and par-roast them.

1983 The hot northerly wind that blew everybody inside out collected 50,000 tonnes of rich top soil from the Mallee and Wimmera districts and dumped 11,000 tonnes of it on Melbourne.
For photos click HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

2008 The dredging of Port Phillip Bay began ripping the guts out of a fragile eco-system deepening the channel for the good of lining one's pockets with filthy lucre larger ships to dock.

You know it's too freakin' hot when....

You look up and find a huntsman spider on the ceiling above you.
And you just don't have the energy to freak out.

The Village People are on repeat on the neighbour's stereo system.
At full volume.
At midnight.
And all you care about is getting the hand actions correct.

 You hear the song The Car Wash on the radio and hatch a plan to make one into your private standing-room-only pool.

Bobby Darin's song Splish Splash inspires a party themed around your bath and you living in it until the deep mid-Winter.

And then you start trawling through YouTube for delicious vids like This....and this....and perhaps this....oh and another...


  1. I still freaked out at the frickin huntsman.......... then sniggered as hubby had to balance on the desk to remove it

  2. I don't get those spiders, B. They're native so why the urge to get up close and cosy with us humans indoors?

  3. "I spent more time on the loo yesterday than during all 3 of my pregnancies. Now I know what I was missing...."

    Let's hope it wasn't the bowl.

  4. "February 1 of this same year [1857] saw the Scottish Church of St. Andrew completed and opened, the officiating ministers being Rev. Charles Fraser and Rev. John Aldred, the offertories for the opening day being £74/8/6."

    OF COLONISATION 1850 - 1880
    . Compiled by A. SELWYN BRUCE, Christchurch, 1932.

  5. I agree with Canterbury Heritage, and therefore NZHPT's research is right on the button: the Otago Witness of 28 February 1857 recorded: "St. Andrew's Free Church, at Christchurch, was opened by the Rev. Charles Fraser, M.A., on Sunday the 1st instant, there was a very large attendance, and the collection in aid of the building fund amounted to £74 8s. 6d."

    That station at Alberton is certainly tragic! Was it a stock loading platform at one time?

    I like huntsman spiders. They freaked me out when they used to come inside here at home, but these days, they're out in the wattle wilderness, scarcely seen due to development. I'm in Avondale in Auckland, the centre of their limited range here in NZ since the 1920s, so when I see them in Australia, I get homesick! :-)

  6. Ok, going home now...becoming quite the Sunday morning tradition you know...make tea, wander over here, sit and read to cacth up...
    Why is it words such as these jump out at me?? No way I'm clicking that link...sorry hon...ain't happening..
    Hope your weekend is treating you well..if I could send some cooling rain your way i would...we have an abundance of the crap at the moment...3 weeks worth actually!

  7. Just read the Sydney Riot link - I thought gamblers were only now ruining the game (I am a naive little thing) however it appears to be an age old problem.

  8. No, Brian, I'm a female :P

    Thanks for that, Canterbury Heritage, I'll update my chronology. Enjoying reading your blog, too, btw!

    I think human stock were loaded from there, too, Lisa lol.
    Huntsmen's aren't too bad....on the other side of a window/door ;)

    Tis ok, Mo, got the bar stool reserved for you over there --->>> for each Sunday ;)

    When all else fails, 2 flies up a wall, Jeanie ;)

  9. There's a huntsman cooling his fuzzy little legs just above my head. He's so pretty.

  10. I love the post titles lately... :-D

    Riots, eh? I can't imagine many people being interesting in re-enacting them atm, unless they're in aircon... and you just can't have a good riot indoors without opening doors and windows, y'know?

    Huntsman... eep! never have gotten used to the poor blighters. It's not their fault they freak me out.

  11. Hey there Jayne... checking on you guys down south. Pleased you are keeping your fluids up - only wish I could send our pool down for a few to cool off in!!!

    Huntsman spiders are totally groovy - beat the heck out of redbacks anyday! Impressive but not aggro!!!

  12. It was so hot yesterday, that the only way I found to keep cool was by purchasing one of the last inflatable pools stocked on any shelf in Melbourne. Unfortunately it was a toddlers pool. Not even a meter from one side to the other. Still, I sat it that pool cross legged (knees up near ears), and sipped on my cider....

  13. Oh I knew we were gamblers - I just didn't realise the "pull two legs of the left fly" school of gamblers were already onshore.

  14. You may admire those fuzzy lil legs on my behalf, Anja :P

    Thanks, Nomes lol. Too warm to get flustered for a riot or a furry spider lol.

    Thanks, BB. The pics of your pool have had me drooling lol.

    I like your style, Deb; conserving water but not letting the iconic Aussie water babe image down ;)

  15. I think that mob came ashore with the Dutch sight-seers back in the 1600's, Jeanie lol.

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  17. I didn't have an esky full of ice cubes, but I did put a small amount of water in the bath each morning before the pipes got hot, and after work each day I spent the rest of the day stepping in and out of the bath in between reading blogs and standing distractedly in the kitchen wondering what on earth to serve for dinner, since everything in the freezer needed cooking and it was way too hot to be heating up the kitchen any further.

  18. The 8 legged variety I assume, Robert?

    That's what I can't stand about Summer, River - the restrictions of meals in hot weather.
    Standing in the bath sounds good!

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  21. So long as they keep their 8 cute legs away from my general 20 km radius I won't feel the urge to waggle my 8 fingers (and 2 opposable thumbs) with a rolled up newspaper in their direction, Robert :P

  22. The Village People ROCK. I want them played at my funeral.