Thursday, February 26, 2009

February 27 Silly history stuffs

Seeing as almost every man and his dog decided today's date was a good one for staying in bed and not venturing forth to make their mark in history  (or to be someone's mark, hmmm?) you get some pretty pictures to cast your baby blues across.
Stinky, smelly boy seals.
Or The Spouse's family Christmas Party, I forget which.

A random picture of Feral Queen, just to brighten the tone of this picture album.

1788 Today was really not the best one for 17 yr old Thomas Barrett (profession - convict); he'd been sprung in the act of nicking stuff - presumably food - from the colony food store.
So, to make certain they deterred any other starving human from doing the same thing again, Thomas Barrett became the first bloke hung in The Land of Oz.
No, Thomas Barrett wasn't one of these festive peoples.
Probably wrong image to go with, really....

1819 The schooner Young Lachlan was "borrowed" by some convicts from the Derwent who took it for a joy ride and "somehow, unbeknownst to them, officer" ended up in Java.

1951 The awfully long, drawn-out Kiwi water-front disagreement reached a peak when troops were marched onto the Wellington and Auckland wharves to load and unload ships.

Actually, that evening out on the wharves is beginning to come back to me...

1964 The lads in NZ had nothing else to keep themselves busy so they started digging tunnels in the sand on the beach and ended up connecting Christchurch to Lyttelton Harbour via the longest tunnel in the whole of The Shaky Isles.
And thus they dubbed it, originally, Lyttelton Road Tunnel.
Which you may enjoy photos of HERE.


  1. The Spouse's family are all fat and stink like fish? Charming.

  2. lol. Christmas Pool party by the looks of it.

  3. I'm a bit disturbed by the final photograph. I thought one of 'em was Michelle after a night without any chocolate for a few brief moments.

  4. Anja - YEP!

    The sort where the drunken great uncle mixes his coleslaw with his whiskey, WS ;)

    ....I am sooooooooo not going there, Brian!

  5. the mind boggles at the last pic....... was that from your family album too?

  6. Re Lyttelton Road Tunnel, it's a long way from digging through sand in the dunes to going through volcanic rock. Tends to ruin your plastic bucket & spade. But boyz will be boyz; women have more sense.

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  8. Hi! The Feral Queen looks surprised to see me here, but I can't blame her really.

    I've been flat out like a lizard drinking lately and I think I could use some of that make up those fine nuns are using to cover the wear and tear.

    Your post has my seal of approval. I thought you'd like to know that!

    Take Care,

  9. LOL Kuaka ;)

    Behave Robert.

    Thanks, Peter, I'm sure the make-up will suit you no end :P

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  12. Feral Queen is beautiful and not at all Feral.

  13. Robert, that is my daughter, not me!

    You haven't heard her speak yet, Marita LOL.

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