Monday, February 2, 2009

February 3

Shortand sweet....sort of like my black tea in the morning.

1853 Frank McCallum was not having a good day.
He was otherwise known as Captain Melville and the judge informed him he was to be a guest of His Majesty's Prison in Geelong for the next 32 yrs.

1915 The first NZ casualties of WW1 were in the Canterbury Battalion at Suez Canal.

1916 There was obviously inflammatory remarks passed in the Canadian Parliament buildings, in Ottawa, as it went up like a Roman Candle.

1931 The infamous Hawke's Bay Earthquake hit the Richter Scale at 7.8, and the towns of Napier and Hastings, destroying most buildings. 258 were left dead, 300 hectares of dry land was lifted when the water rushed out of Ahuriri Lagoon.
It is listed as the worst civil disaster on NZ soil.

1967 Ronald Ryan became the last man hanged in Oz.

2004 That great train, The Ghan, arrived in Darwin on it's very first journey from Adelaide.


  1. Been a little bit since I've been over because life has been mad and it took me 2 full bourbon and cokes to catch up...
    hubby wanted to know what i was reading so intently, so i told him it was my weekly history lesson, and he was most impressed!!
    Seems I've been missing a lot!!

  2. Wow - what a big day in history - and I just noticed it is yet to come!!!

  3. " went up like a Roman Candle."

    Obviously discussing the burning issues of the day.

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  5. Ah yes the great Napier/Hastings disaster.

    Knew it was 1930's that's all.

  6. LOL Thanks, Mo.
    I'll share the bourbon with you in spirit ;)

    There was more but my chronology was in the puter shop..with the puter, Jeanie lol.

    They got hot under the collar, Brian :P

    Thanks Nicki! I'll pop over shortly :)

    I hear Napier is famous for being the Art Deco town due to that earthquake, WS?
    Feral Beast has looked at pics online and loves the town without even visiting!

  7. The Ghan... shudder shudder. I've done the Alice - Adelaide trip twice in the seats (not the sleepers) and have no inclination to ever do it again.

    I'm sure it is lovely if you're a senior cit wanting to take things at a slower pace; not so good if you're a teacher with 82 unruly students to control.

  8. Can't you just turf them over board, MD?
    I'm sure their parents wouldn't miss them much :P