Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Sheep Pants February 13 Aussie Trivial Kiwi History

Sitting here YouTubing Henry Rollins.
Coz I appreciate a ripened, full-flavoured embodiment of mature humour.
Coz I've salivated over the bloke for many a century decade year.
Coz I give daily thanks he isn't Jane Fonda.
Coz The Spouse is channel surfing a bajillion tv channels under 3.2 seconds.
Coz it's his birthday and I feel I should pay my respects by deeply admiring his tatts body talent.
Just coz I can, ok?

It's St Valentine's Eve, where a tradition in Olde England saw the giving of gift boxes, sometimes with small irritating children leaping out to call out 4 letter words a lovely greeting.
Click HERE for a video to make sure you stay safe by getting it right this Valentine's Day.
Because wet noodles just don't belong in pink envelopes....or so my postie tells me.

1869 A Maori war party attacked Pukearuhe.
Click HERE for more details.

1925 That ever correctly spoken gentleman, Stuart Wagstaff, was presented to the world in Wiltshire, England before he realised he actually belonged in The Land of Oz.

1951 The NZ Waterfront strike action began on this day with all the ports sitting about idly by February 19.

1961 Scrumptious eye candy Henry Rollins was born.
I know he's not an Aussie or a Kiwi ....but he doesn't have to speak, just mute the volume and adore the vision splendid he doth make....
Or listen for a few laughs....
Yes,it's FULL of offensive LANGUAGE, so now you know.

1962 Trains buffs rejoice!
The driver and the guard on the Tait trains could finally send little love messages signals to each other via a bell communication system.

2008 The Ruddster, PM Kevin Rudd, apologised to the Aborigines.

A little (potty-mouthed) something-something for the delightful Anja.
So you KNOW it's smutty.
So don't whine at me.


  1. "It's St Valentine's Eve, where a tradition in Olde England saw the giving of gift boxes..."

    As opposed to the modern day tradition which runs, "You've forgotten, haven't you? Where's my card, you b**tard!? Where's my choccies you sh**!! There'll be no rumpy pumpy for you for the next four weeks, you can bank on that!"

  2. Bahahahahaha... the next time I see a cute little spaniel I will imagine it calling someone a "knobjockey c***" Thanks, Jayne. That was farkin' awesome.

  3. Yep...a-huh...sounds about it's true that the standard Valentine's Day script is followed the world over, Brian?

    Feral Queen introduced me to Billy a while ago and I thought of him for you yesterday lol ;)

  4. I can see the attraction........... who wouldn't lust after a bloke how just wants to f*** on the floor and break shit! lmao

    Is it just me or does billy the naughty dog sound like the monkey off mrs doubtfire?

  5. Rollins looked hot when he had long hair. Ok, I am a child of the seventies.

  6. YES! Exactly, B!
    Bugger the crockery on the table and the stuff on the floor LOL.
    Dunno about Billy, too busy lmao at the freaky teeth :P

    I'll adore him with short hair on your behalf then, Hawt Andrew :P

  7. One of the things that made me fall in love with my husband is that he introduced me to Henry Rollins work. Love Rollins, he is hot, he is funny and he is hot.

  8. Mmmm Henry Rollins - definitely a thinking girl's delight!!!

    A girl I went to school with sent her boyfriend chocolates - to Longreach, in the mail. He wasn't as impressed as he should have been.

  9. Your hubby has excellent taste, Marita, definitely a keeper ;)

    Slurp-y-licious, Jeanie?

  10. its funny how V day is such a big deal in the states. Mike and I do something little for each other for V day. OH er that sounds dodgy, but to us the wedding anni is more important. However my sister in law rocked valentines Day one year she produced a boy (he is 11 on the 14th).

  11. Thanks, Peetance.

    Yeah, no biggie here either, Janine.
    Unless The Spouse wants to surprise me with a box of choccies....;)

  12. That dog and I have a lot in common.

  13. I too curse and have only recently stopped humping furniture.