Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hobbling Trivial Thursday History February 5

Several shoe chain stores have taken to adopting the US shoe sizing system, which leaves me with a choice of my Blunnie boots or thongs to wear as they have nothing decent in women's size 11.
UK and Oz shoe sizes USED to be the same with US sizes 1 below.
 For example - UK size 10 = Oz size 10 = US size 11.
I take a UK/Oz size 10.
So the size 10's they're stocking are UK/Oz size 9.
I know because I almost crippled myself in a pair.
Shoe stores are adopting the US size system but keeping a cap on stocking ladies sizes beyond size 10.
Except for ugly shoes you wouldn't put on your blind grandmother in a pink fit.
Coz we all know any female with large feet simply must have a hankering for ugly shoes.
I am seriously considering making my own shoes.
Or maybe binding my feet till I can swear in 3 languages.
Or perhaps just throwing shoes till someone gets some sense knocked into them for something, somewhere, somehow....

1803 Poor old George Bass, Explorer Extraordinaire.
He sailed off into the sunset from Port Jackson on board the ship Venus never to rejoin his knitting club down the local pub ever again.

1867 NZ's 3rd public railway was opened, running from Invercargill to Bluff for a length of 27 kms.
Less than 10 yrs down the track *pardon the pun* the track was altered from the British broad gauge of 4' 8" to the narrow 3' 6" gauge.

1869 A little speck of yellow stuff was liberated from the dirt at Moliagul near Dunolly (Yes, they're still finding gold there most weekends. Yes, I'm deadly serious. Yes, I know for certain as I own land up there. No, you may not camp on my block.) and dubbed the Welcome Stranger nugget.
With almost 70kgs of pure gold in it, it was indeed welcome.

1877 The very first weather chart to be printed in a newspaper in The Wide Brown Land graced the innards of The Sydney Morning Herald.
And they probably got it wrong then, too.

1879 Something foreign and completely unknown to the Victorian Govt of recent years is the opening of a railway line; the Murtoa to Horsham line, a whole smidgeon under 30 kms, became an operational part of the rail network.

1896 The Jumbunna to Outtrim rail line opened, 4 kms of slick passenger and mixed goods service.
(Taking notes, Kosky?)

1898 Marvellous Smell-bourne was finally connected to a sewerage system and the small village of Cocoroc came into life.

1921 Back in the day when the Victorian State Govt actually gave a fat rat's clacker about the general populace having electricity they began work on the Yallourn Power Station site.

1938 The 3rd British Empire Games began in Sydney.

1964 Yet another death blow to the Victorian rail network when The Powers That Be closed almost 90 kms of track with the ceasation of the Kerang to Stony Crossing line, which had cost £241,876.

2006 Hawke's Bay just can't behave itself at this time of the year with an earthquake hitting 4.4 on the Richter Scale making itself felt at 1.29pm.


  1. "For example - UK size 10 = Oz size 10 = US size 11."

    Americans always claim that what they've got is bigger, even if it's actually only the same size. Well, everything, that is, apart from their gobs...which are usually three size as large anybody else's...

  2. ..and I hate it that cute shoes don't come in wide sizes. So big fat feet need not apply.

  3. There's more than one reason I stick to Doc Martens and Chucks. I have long, thin feet. Shoe making sounds good, girl.

    Blog Bling for you at my place, you awesome historian.

  4. Even without the whole international conspiracy to make your feet more freaky, I hate the fact that I USED to be the average size - and suddenly someone somewhere (must be one of them) thought to take it a size down so the shops stock mostly for footbinders.

    Good thing I hate shoe shopping, otherwise it would drive me mad.

    In the good old days, local councils actually build local electricity stations. Can you believe?

  5. Yes, I have to keep reminding my FIL he's shorter than his son, Brian :P

    YES, Elizabeth! Cute, great colours/designs - only for tiny feet grrr.

    I'll lob you a pair if I have any success, Anja ;)
    Thank you, ma'am :)

    Shoes are great for piffing at pollies, Jeanie ;)

  6. So my feet have not grown then? There seems to be no correct size for me anymore. I just try on a nine and work my way up or down.

  7. It's a little off the subject but my wife has small feet. She still gets upset when I sing the old ditty.

    I know a gal whose name is Lucy
    Little bitty feets and a great big p@ssy.

    It is pronounced wrong in order to rhyme.

  8. That's about it, Andrew.

    LOL Evyl!