Saturday, February 7, 2009

I see a little trivial silhouette of a history man February 7

It's not going to be pretty in NSW or Victoria today so stay inside, close up the house, keep a bag of ice nearby and bottles of cold water at hand.
Or move next door to Brian where they have a thing called Snow!

1571 Finding the view rather old hat Marcley Hill, in Herefordshire, decided to up sticks and shift 40 paces on this day.
Finding the view not very improved the whole thing kept shifting till it was satisfied.
Yes, yes, I know, you want to read this for yourself.
Go ahead right HERE.

Did you know....
That idiots who ride their push bikes near me on footpaths will get my white stick shoved into orifices they never knew they owned?

1788 *sticks plum in cheek*
The Col-o-knee orv NSW warz form-o-lee pro-clay-med.
(The joint wot ran on rum was official, like).

There's a graffiti "artist" along the Pakenham rail line, Lench Pnoid Greco...or perhaps they've been cloned and there's 3....who might actually have some talent.
I know! Knock me sideways with a cattle prod and electrify my life!
Talent! With a spray can!
Who'd have thunk it?!

1793 The good lil free settlers had most pleased the ruler of the Kingdom of Oz and thus he rewarded them with the first land grants at Liberty Plains (now known as Strathfield - Homebush).

Mind you, tagging isn't art.
It's over-grown 4 yr olds bragging that their teacher taught them how to form letters.

1801 James Busby was a boring old fart who got up the noses of almost everyone in Oz, then England, then in NZ.
You can read more about this irritating person HERE.
Or have bamboo shoved under your fingernails instead...

Some people think they can get away with anything the moment my sunnies and white stick register in their brains.
The staring I can handle - I freak them out by facing them directly and smiling.
The pushing in front of me in line is a tad rude....but ankles get a good cracking for that.
Might get a t-shirt printed - "I can still seeeeee youuuuuuuu".

1840 James Livingstone (I presume) was a pioneering settler of the Patea district.
Read more about him HERE.
Go on, you know you really, really want to...

Gargoyles are breeding in droves in Murrumbeena, the orange-terracotta-nouveau riche-I've-got-more-money-than-taste breed of gargoyles.
Maybe they need to learn to form their letters with a spray can...

1851 The ship Castle Eden rocked into port at Lyttelton with a cargo of settlers but the crew were playing silly buggers so they were arrested for mutiny.
You can read what mischief they got up to HERE.

Interesting to note how stock in an op shop starts moving when a "collectables" shop opens up across the street.

1863 The HMS Orpheus, en route with supplies and reinforcements during the NZ Wars, hit the sandbar at the entrance to the Manukau Harbour and was smashed into the water.
Of the 259 aboard, 189 perished, making it NZ's worst maritime disaster.

Chilled curried egg is yummy in salads but don't eat it when watching a thriller...the farts really don't add atmosphere to the film.

1890 Those dratted women were getting in everywhere, even in the doctorin' game when Dr Emma Constance Stone became the first registered female doctor in Oz.

The dog's farting, too.
She'll be under the doona tonight, trying to Dutch Oven me....again.
Could be a case of duelling bum trumpets tonight.

1904 A little something different for rail enthusiasts -
The Spring Vale to Spring Vale Cemetery train line opened for business of transporting the dearly departed to the last choo-choo step in life.

Curried rice salad is another winner on the Summer menu of late.
You can see where this is heading, can't you...?

1944 Author of Whale Rider, Witi Ihimaera, was dropped off by the stork.

It was either the Madras curry or the spicy horseradish was going to cop it.
Mind you, wasabi mayonnaise isn't too shabby in the taste dept, either!

1967 Bushfires wrought havoc in Tassie when they ringed Hobart, leaving 62 dead, more than 1,000 homes destroyed, and more than a quarter of a million livestock lost.

Wasabi peas....hmmmmmm.....yummy little bursting snacks of fiery goodness.
Maybe Lench Pnoid Greco needs some wasabi peas in his/their life.
At least it would make them stop practicing their writing skills on buildings.
Although Pnoid is really getting depth, great use of colour and small flashes of cheeky cartoon talent are emerging.

1969 The horrendous Violet Town train crash happened when the driver of the Southern Aurora died from a heart attack while at the controls.
Read more HERE.

Yes, you can tell the sun baked my brain whilst walking along the train line, can't you?
Had nothing else to look at except the scribblings.
And the lizards....there were lots of lizards.
In suburbia.

1985 The state of Qld had got itself into quite a state when a State of Emergency was twittered from the rooftops as the Electricity Board workers all walked out.
900 workers were sacked with new contracts drawn up with a strict no-strike policy.

No, I didn't try to identify their breed.
It was hot, they were large-ish (if I could see them they were big 'uns) and they moved way too fast for me to follow Red neck interbred Frankenstein lizard-things into the scrub near train tracks.
I've seen enough horror movies to know better, dammit!

1989 Rosewood, near Ipswich in Qld, was blessed on this day when the heavens opened and the daily serving of fresh fish was delivered for free from on high in the form of sardines.
(Say that 10 times quickly with your glass eye and teeth out!)

Yes, please feel free to go a'huntin' on your lonesome.
I have an appointment to have bamboo shoved under my nails that I just can't miss....


  1. Jayne, I think your blog is magic. Great first-thing-in-the-morning stuff before the sun's rays beat us down over here. Cheers a-plenty from me for your para on Busby: I did a post earlier on his newspaper partner at my blog, and now I'm able to add that ADB link to the post. All his court battles over some land claims up North, and all he got out of it was a few pounds which didn't help his eyesight one bit. Oh, and there's an old photo on another post, said to be of the Orpheus "off Admiralty House, Kiribilli Point. Garden Island in background. Sydney Harbour 1863" if you're interested.

  2. "I see a little trivial silhouette of a history man..."

    Can't be mine...mine'd have a big pot belly.

  3. Brilliant Jayne. I Know what you mean about the gargoyles.There is a newish house near me that someone has built with out-of-sync elements from every architectural style you would care to mention...and a team of bloody oversized, terracotta gorgoyles glaring from every angle. It irritates me in ways I can't even explain. I too, love the Wasabi pea.

  4. Thank you, Lisa!
    I'll have a look back through your blog to have a read ;)

    ...and a bacon butty, Brian :P

    They need a serious yoghurt paint job for moss and a few rocks to soften their edges, LiD ;)

  5. now I've got bohemian rhapsody in my head lol

    Move over Brian, we's all coming to visit!!

  6. I have a plate of bacon butties and Queen's Greatest Hits LP on standby.

  7. It's better than "Do the milk shake, the milk shake, do the shake" running amok through my grey matter, B lol.

    Excellent, Brian, just don't forget the chips and gravy....:P

  8. I clicked the link on Busby. That dude looks like he seriously needed to get laid.