Monday, February 16, 2009

Manky Monday Trivial History Done In The Best POSS-i-ble Taste February 16

 The Spouse got his late Valentine's pressie when I hurdled the aisles, crash-tackled the old lady in my way and snatched the prize from the hands of the plebian who had no realisation what he held found the DVD Kenny Everett The Complete Naughty Bits!
Just re-read that title carefully....yes, "naughty bits".
Now, you can re-call the ever lucious, tasty and sharp Kenny Everett, can't you?
Yes, smutty, double-entrende, half-clothed and oh so almost filthy are words that spring to mind with me, too.
Which is why I did what I've always wanted to do....I bought a pressie for The Spouse that's really for myself but I'll share this with him.
Except I'm a tad confused as to why the censor gave it a PG rating.....I'm suspecting the blurb -"With special tortured guest Cliff Richard, this is a collection not to be missed" -might give it away.
Who could ever resist cuddly Ken!

1568 The death sentence was passed on an entire country - Holland - by Phillip II of Spain in the name of The Spanish Inquisition.
Because he was obviously suffering from Windmill Envy.

1770 Cook played I Spy With My Little Eye and found.....Banks' Island...actually a peninsula but no one was going to correct him as it really broke up the 8 week monotony of "S for sea".

1839 Those living in Kiama, NSW, moved up in the world when their plot of dirt was declared a town.

1880 Listen up, boys and girls, for here's a fairy story the likes of Kosky and Brumby will never put any faith into happening-
there was 17 kms of railway track opened from Trentham station to Carlsruhe station.

1887 ...And there they went again, madly opening another 4kms of train track from Parwan station to Bacchus Marsh station.

1883 The northern suburb of Christchurch, Belfast, was birthed originally as a seperate town when the Belfast Freezing Works were built and opened on this day.

1892 William Shiels became Premier of Victoria when James Munro did a bunk back to become an agent-general in London to escape his many creditors after the collapse of his Real Estate Bank.

1935 The New Zealand National Women's Cricket Team made its debut at Lancaster Park against England.
Sadly, the visitors won.
Carn girls, give 'em curry!

1981 Slim Dusty was sitting pretty in the number one spot in Oz with Duncan.
  Click the link for a Grande Tour of Aussie pubs - this means you Brian.

1983 Ash Wednesday bushfires.

1986 The luxury cruise liner Mikhail Lermontov sank on Marlborough Sounds of NZ.

1994 Jimmy Cliff was parked in No. 1 position in the Kiwi singles charts with I Can See Clearly Now.


  1. "The New Zealand National Women's Cricket Team made its debut at Lancaster Park against England.
    Sadly, the visitors won."

    Hardly surprising. You can't expect eleven women to win against an entire country.

  2. Interesting how similar early railway stations are here and there.

    I do enjoy your links.

  3. I've got that same DVD. It's got a lot of funny stuff on it, but alas, is not what I'd call "complete".

  4. Carlsruhe station looks very nice and I am pleased it is still there.

  5. I'd have thought that was entirely plausible a couple of yrs back with the English team performing so poorly, Brian :P

    Thanks, Elizabeth :)

    Ahhh, ok, thanks, Daniel.

    It is quite nice on the eye, hey, Andrew :)

  6. if men all over the world can get away with buying presents for their spouses that they themselves really want, then you are definitely allowed to do the same ;) lol

  7. ahhh Brian strikes again, I love his humour!! As for that DVD lol I had to giggle. We get old re runs of Benny Hill overe here and I laugh as I watch it, we used to watch his show as a kid and wow it was pretty riske then but half of it was over my head a bit like Kenny E and his show as well.

  8. LOL Ta, B ;)

    There were a stack of Benny Hill DVD's, too, Janine, and I resisted the George and Mildred, Man About The House and other series lol.

  9. Having a giggle at Brian's view :)

  10. Ha ha love Brian's comment. That depends if they were all former women prime ministers or not...Don't you just love those old Aussie buildings? Fell in love with heaps of them when I was up Tuncurry way a few years back really cool. Great post.

  11. Everyone loves to have a beer with Duncan.

    If I recall my travels along the Calder correctly, there is also a beautiful old mill located next to the highway in the vicinity of Carlsruhe.

  12. Brian's view is utterly unique, Kelly; laughing is just one of the recommended ways to cope lol.

    Thanks, Liz, yes there are some lovely buildings.

    Yep, there's the old mill and further along is Bleak House Roses (which has moved apparently) but I love that old bluestone mill, MD ! ;)

  13. Jayne,

    The English cricket team have always performed pathetically. Too many cucumber sandwiches and cups of tea with their pinkies raised...if you pardon the expression.

  14. Oh! That was their pinkies...? I thought...never mind...