Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Trivial History Februrururururur 23

Having fallen asleep before 6.30pm last night I think it's safe in assuming the boat trip was bloody great albeit literally rocking one to the land of Nod.
The waves from the container ships kept the boat rocking and gave Feral Beast the chance to feed the fishes with a technicolour yawn over the side. Yes, I'm revolting like that.
Fantastic array of gorgeous goodies from below were brought up in the "eco sampler", a contraption which drags through the sea-weed forest and gives you a pretty close idea as to the volume and variety of sea-life within an area.
It's going to take me forever to get The Spouse to upload the pics so have a browse through the ones online.
The kids were to sort through the seaweed, gently place living critters into large seawater-filled buckets and toss the weed aside. They then got to study the critters with the chaps on the boat explaining all the bits and bobs about them - sea horses, pigmy squid, wandering sea anemones, tiny pike fish, mini leather jackets (fish) feather star, decorator crabs (who literally decorate themselves to suit changing surrounds), snails, sea cucumbers, sea squirts, and all manner of other things I was able to distance myself from ...Oh look! Shiny water thing!
This is the Biology Tour trip HERE.

1877 Lillywhite's "All England" cricket team popped into Christchurch for a visit, probably expecting scones and tea with their crooked pinky fingers.

1887 The Royal Commission on barking banking laws was established, making it clear when He Who Controls the Moolah could bray like a donkey, crow like a rooster and yap like a lap-dog of the govt open for trade. *ahem*

1904 940,000 hectares were put in reserve in the first step in a long process to make Fiordland National Park.
1916 Red Cross NZ Branch and the Central Council for the Order of St John held their first meeting in Christchurch.

1940 100,000 peoples were there to welcome home the HMS Achilles crew after their victory in The Battle of River Plate. Parades in both Auckland and Wellington later followed.

1959 The National Heart Foundation was formed during a meeting in Canberra which was obviously not about the flourishing p0rn industry around the corner.

Saw the fur seals on Chinaman's Hat - they stink!
All boys....speaks for itself, really!
And the Gannet rookery was lovely - all rocks, birds and piles of bird shit.
The Gannets were actually quite nice, and fascinating to watch diving into the water from on high.
You can click on HERE to see more pics and read about the fantastic Queenscliff Fishing Charters and Scenic Tours we boated with yesterday.
Highly recommend these blokes, fabulous time!

Trying to Twitter whilst writing this up is like trying to do ones homework whilst chatting on the phone...never gonna work!

1974 Saturday postie deliveries went the way of the Dodo.

1987 First mobile phone call was made in Oz and we haven't got off the bloody phone since.

But I won't mention the Colonial sea slug-type critter, and I shall fail to mention that it is called "colonial" as it joins its bum to that of other sea slugs to form a massive communal stomach with gazillions of mouths.
And I won't let slip how common it is or how often you and your children have probably played with it at the beach....
Nope, not a word...oh, look! Shiny!


  1. "1974 Saturday postie deliveries went the way of the Dodo."

    Far out. You folk over there on the West Island don't have Saturday postie deliveries? Heavens sakes. Any info on why they stopped? Only reason we don't have them on Saturday here from time to time is if that day is part of a long weekend holiday.

  2. Sounds like a great trip was had by all!

  3. *sob*
    You still have Saturday post ?!
    We're lucky if the local post office is even open for 30 mins anytime during the week...or if our mail even gets to our letter box these days!
    No idea why they stopped it, probably down to the great $ as usual.

    Was a bloody great trip, B :)

  4. Bahahaha... Feral Beast fed the fishes.

    You didn't end up sleeping with the fishes, so I gather there was no Underbelly happenings.

  5. Anemones! I remember taking great joy out of poking them and watching them curl in on themselves when I was a little girl. Poor anemones...

  6. A great day and no need for me to keep looking out for rainbow socks on the news :grin:

    I was rather surprised to get a weekend mail delivery during December. Assume that is a silly season thing.

  7. "Fantastic array of gorgeous goodies from below were brought up in the "eco sampler""

    Including the Feral Beast's diced carrots and sweetcorn?

  8. I remember Saturday morning post. Back in the day when we had morning AND afternoon post, Monday to Friday, around Christmas there was Saturday AFTERNOON post as well. I had a crush on the cute postie, used to hang on the fence waiting for him.

  9. A rainbow yawn! Ha, you could have included that in my last post! Sounds like you had a great time :-)

  10. No underbelly, overbelly, bared belly or fishy belly, Anja :P

    They lived for your poking, I'm sure MD ;)

    They do that at least once to scare younger generations and to remind older ppl what we're missing out on, Marita lol.

    Thankfully he thoughtfully waited till after the eco-sampler was brought up before he brought up his own sampler, Brian :P

    I bet you used to get told off if you swung on the gate, too, River ;)

    Was a bloody ripper of a day, Deb, you should book it!