Friday, February 20, 2009

Oh Look! It's that day that follows yesterday!

 For awhile there I thought I was going to have to supply each and every reader with a pot of paint and brush just to sit and watch it dry for entertainment purposes.
Yes, I thought today's history offering was going to be pushing poo up hill behind a wet blanket.
Well, I was wrong.
It's worse than that so feel free to air-brush a Sandman panel van surfy mural all over the joint before you, seriously, it's ok, it's water-based paint so it'll come out of the carpet.
Oh, you think the carpet's looking a bit tatty, too?
Yeah, ok, rip it up and decorate the floorboards....I don't mind...
The walls?!
Ummm....err....yeeeeeeeeah, alright....
Go find a railway viaduct that desperately needs some decent murals over that boring farty tagging garbage.
Mind the rabid pigeons though...!

1903 Dame Nellie Melba, having swanned about all over Oz warbling her tonsils silly, popped over to treat the Kiwis to her dulcet tones before taking herself off to roam Europe and sing for her supper.

1913 King O'Malley was a strapping bloke - I assume - who liked to flex his muscles for the ladies - I assume - and thus this day was no different - I assume - when he thumped the first surveyor's peg into the sod to mark the construction of Porn Central Canberra.
*For those too young to get that reference, ask your dad*

1913 The pretty damn excellent author Mary Durack was pupped in Adelaide... though we didn't hold that against her.
*yes, yes, I'm just kidding. Sheesh!*

1954 Proving those Kiwis come from good jumping stock and should be assimilated in with the Wallabies  (what? what did I say???)  Yvette Williams set the bar up just that little bit higher when she made the world long jump record at an athletics meet in Gisborne at 6.29 metres.

1961 Dear old Percy Grainger popped his clogs.
Dropped off the perch.
Gave up eating and drinking.
Odd little chap, our Perc, but talented down to his fingertips.

1979 They were fishing a whopping great 8.5 metre Totora log out of the drop of water titled the Avon River, just near the picturesque Barbadoes Street Bridge (go on, click on the link, it's a very pretty bridge), after it had been sitting under the river for centuries.


  1. "I thought today's history offering was going to be pushing poo up hill behind a wet blanket.
    Well, I was wrong."

    The authorities forgot to supply you with the blanket?

  2. Hello! I popped over from Bush Babe's party for Debby just to say hi and raise a glass of the bubbly for our friend!

  3. The rear compartment of a Sandman is to be known as a chill out zone. I can think of many words to describe its real purpose more accurately. This phrase, 'or having been conceived in one, in the case of several junior staff members' is more indicative of a Sandman owner's plans for the rear of his car.

  4. Jayne, please shorten the Load Time of this wonderful blog, by
    going to Settings, and choosing
    'Show 5 posts', then we all just have to wait for those 5 to load instead of the entire history ... which would make a good book by the way.

  5. Too few children are called Percy these days. Instead they get lumped with stupid made up monikers such as Cruz and Hudson.

  6. Yep...coz they had plenty of the other on hand, Brian :P

    Hi Muse, glad to see you :)

    The only car really designed around sex, Andrew ;)

    Well, thank you, FG, it was set at 6 posts but I dropped it to 5 just to eliminate that extra post-loading time for you.

    I say we need to bring back more Percy's and Mavis' and maybe a few Mildreds'...or even a Beryl or 3, MD ;)