Saturday, February 14, 2009

Screamingly Trivial Stupefying Sundae History ./c Chopped nuts and banana Feb 15

The excitement here was palpable last night; Saturday night...and polishing silverware in front of the idiot box.
I think it was Dalziel and Pascoe, though the sheer thrill of the whole evening made it slip my mind.
I'd have remembered if it was Midsomer Murders coz Tom Barnaby is simply knocking everyone off to keep his Tom Croydon was in Blue Heelers.
I've often wondered if the fictional town of Mt Thomas has been over-run with crims now that Tom and his coppers are no more, with lawlessness and madness ruling....
Oh, wait. We've got Parliament for that caper.

1840 Strzlecki was at a loose end so he spied a mountain, climbed it and dubbed it Kosciuszko.
Coz Big Slurpy Chocolate Mountain just didn't really suit.

1840 W.C Wentworth and John Jones almost purchased from Maori chiefs Tairoa, Karetai and Tuhawaiki the South Island of New Zealand for a piddly £500.00

1882 The ship Dunedin made a quick getaway from Port Chalmers, dodging the fuzz and going gangbusters across the high seas to England....with the first spot of frozen meat for the Old Dart.

1894 The very first Kiwi Cricket Team was done like a dog's dinner by the NSW team in Lancaster Park, Christchurch.
And I'm sure they returned the favour as soon as they possibly could.

1905 The Gumsuckers (Victorians who lived in the State of Non-Excitement Victoria) were a happy lot of campers when the first state secondary school, The Continuation School, flung open its doors to knock some learnin' into some skulls.
Yes, it's still knocking something into skulls under the moniker of Melbourne High School.

1947 A referendum into the drinking closing hours of NSW pubs found the majority in favour of the 6 O'clock swill closing.


  1. "I'd have remembered if it was Midsomer Murders coz Tom Barnaby is simply knocking everyone off to keep his job..."

    I've often thought the same about Miss Marple. Everywhere she goes somebody gets murdered. Usually several people. How come nobody's ever put two and two together and arrested the old bat?

  2. Because she was actually employed by MI5 to wipe out several branches of families who had a tendency to over-breed, thereby saving her fingers from knitting and Britain from a population explosion.
    This resulting birth rate is due to her being retired on full pay to the sunny climes of Majorca some decades past.

  3. We beat them in 1894, and the tradition continues in 2009...such a sweet little victory in both centuries I think...

  4. I like Miss Marple, but I want to club Hercule Poirot's little grey cells to a muddy pulp. Arrogant little tosser.

  5. LOL, Mo, something like that, with a few other matches in between the Aussies shall not think about lol.

    Candlestick in the library after midnight, Anja ?

  6. trophey in the spa if you are playing the new version ;)

  7. Don't knock the mundane, Jayne - I';ve just taken a stupid amount of pleasure out of hanging out some washing, using the grey water from said washing on the garden and, wait for it - washing my make up brushes. How fabulous am I?

  8. I always thought for a small village it was a rampant crime fest, and surely they would have more coppers assigned to Causton due to the crime rate lol. So I get the whole knocking everyone off comparison with Blie Heelers.

  9. 1882-Dunedin. Odd to think of a ship from a HOT country going hell for leather across the seas taking frozen meat to a COLD country. You'd think it would be the other way around. I'm wondering how they managed to keep the meat frozen over such a long time and distance.

    Yum, sundaes.......

  10. Damn, MD, wish I'd seen your comment earlier; you could have come around and hung my washing out, too lol.

    You'd think they'd have noticed the dwindling town rate payers, Janine!

    Well, look at what happened when they reverted back to eating their own beef, River - Mad Cow...although they had one in power at the time, she was quite,quite mad!

  11. Funny, I was commenting to someone only yesterday that I wondered how Jessica Fletcher (AKA Angela Lansbury) didn't think she was a bad omen, because it didn't seem to matter where she went - someone was always murdered (well, I guess it gave her something to write about)...
    Also, I never knew that about Melbourne High - you really are educating the masses Jayne!