Saturday, February 28, 2009

Something Something Sunday March Trivial First History with chocolate topping and sprinkles

 Just to share a little secret I've been using for quite some time, to enlarge the script on this - or any webpage - hold down the Ctrl key and scoll up on your mouse until your eyes are happy with you again.
Then, when you bookmark a page in LARGE print it should re-open LARGE each time afterwards.
Technical stuffs brought to you today by the lack of dark chocolate in the house.

Oh...err....there were shed-loads of shi...err...stuffs happening on this day, do you really want to know all these boring as bat shi...guano things?

I could recite...err...sing...Lordy, NO!....umm....

1851 The ship Isabella Hercus parked its prow to disgorge its cargo of settlers.

1865 The Godley Head Lighthouse began flashing.
At ships.

Actually The Tribe are watching The Darling Buds of May in the other room...let's go join them!

1878 The delightful Moe to Bunyip railway line was opened for business!
Click HERE to see the original Bunyip station...not THIS that's left behind.

The twins are away at boarding school...if you know the books or series at all...otherwise just smile and nod.

1886 The Maori Bank, Maungatautari Whare Uta, was established as they felt they were being cheated by the Pakeha bankers but it was not successful.

*sigh* Oh, alright, I'll give you updates of how many perfick Ma-made meals Pop Larkin downs...oops, there goes two as I speak....

1889 Oh, those clever little devils opened yet ANOTHER extensive railway line when Yarra Glen to Healesville was blessed with transport.
Imagine that.

The twins have done a bunk from boarding school.....yes, yes, just smile and nod...

1900 Well, bugger me sideways over a hedgerow, They opened a THIRD railway line on this day!
Can one have too many railway lines?
The answer is apparently NOT!
Quambatook to Ultima rail track was off and running.

Oh, it's The Trees That Made Britain on now....splendid show, with a bloke who's job it is to climb trees.

1901 The picturesque Shotover Bridge was opened as it shot over the Shotover River near Queenstown.

Wish I'd known about the tree-climbing career when I was younger....

1902 Oooooooo just for something a little different They opened a NARROW gauge railway line from Colac to Beech Forest.
And some technical stuffs HERE.

Oh, wait...that involves heights.....forget it....

1922 The Addington School Committee had to go get a special certificate made to present to absolutely perfect prefect (well, he would have been a prefect if they'd had 'em) Cecil Hughes who had a perfectly spotless attendence record of never having missed even a single day in 8 years.

Feral Beast is officially starting his uni studies tomorrow....nervous? In the words of Derek and Clive "I nearly shat myself".

1926 NSW's very first arcky-sparky electric train service began tootling their way from Central Station to Oatley.
Ohhh, slap my wrist and call me for supper, I have been very slack!
The delicious Central Station in Sydney is perched on a spot that's been a morgue, cemetery, convent, female refuge, police barracks, Benevolent Asylum, and a parsonage.

This entry has thus far taken me the better part of 3 hours....I'm procrastinating again, aren't I?

1954 The earth really did move for a lot of souls in The City of Churches aka Adelaide when an earthquake that shook the Richter Scale at 5.4 left a great deal of damage in its wake.
For first hand accounts of the quake click HERE.

Getting the results of FB's EEG on Tuesday, you know, the thing where we poked him a lot to see if he was going to keep having Absence Seizures since his head dive from the trampoline back in the beginning of January.

1958 The "Train of Knowledge" ran through its paces on its track.
OI! I reckon they should bring this back! You'd get more kids turning up for school....
Macleod High School chartered a train for 200 students (one assumes to knock some knowledge into the students) from Melb to Warrnambool to Hamilton to Portland to Stawell to Bendigo to Echuca to Kyabram annnnd back home to Melb, again, awwww.
And if you think I'm providing a link to every one of those....oh, alright.

Nervous about the EEG results? In the words of Derek and Clive....

1965 Echuca-ites were beside themselves for, On This Day their fair town became...*drumroll*... A City!

I think I've successfully proven that trying to exist on a diet mainly consisting of celery is deadly to the olfactory nerves, even worse than that of the hard boiled curried egg diet....

1975 The idiot box changed its sepia undertones for bold, brassy technicolour when colour TV was officially introduced in The Land of Oz.

And shifted nary a sniff of a kilo or a fact I'm certain the remedy of the constant celery - hot meat pies - have loved my hips long time....

1975 And as They gave, so They took away....the Stanhope to Girgarre line was shut down forever.

The meat pies....oh, and the pollies who closed the train lines.
But mostly the meat pies.

1981 And so They kept taking with the Bandiana to Cudgewa line....the Diggora West to Cohuna line and the Kerang to Koondrook line momentarily satisfied the hungry maw of politics.

When I was in primary school we used to tell kids with school lunch orders their meat pies had rats' tails in them.
Coz we had peanut butter sangas.
And those pies were a whole 40 cents which we didn't have.

1990 In sad news the Royal NZ Navy ceased its daily ration of rum to all sailors.
I'll give you several minutes to compose yourselves. 
I may be subjected to a slow and painful death for posting this photo....but can you honestly blame me for never serving pea and ham soup....???


  1. Hope you get good results back on that EEG.

    I'm getting confused with all the train lines opening and closing. Like a revolving door of trains.

  2. Well there's something you learn every day. A Maari Bank? Hmmm I'll have to see if some of my ancient ancestors left some secret stash in it..Cool photo too.Back to my hole now.

    Take care of yourself

  3. "...hold down the Ctrl key and scoll up on your mouse until your eyes are happy with you again."

    Or alternative, put your reading specs on and stop being so vain.

  4. Thanks Marita.
    Scary to think they used to OPEN train lines! lol

    LOL Liz, ta ;)

    And when your specs can't cope with the itty bitty text, scroll up on your mouse....

  5. Love the photo. Gorgeous (but can see why there is the no-soup rule!)

  6. Thanks Amanda, lol it's obvious, isn't it? ;)