Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Stuff what happened on Feb 11 in Oz & NZ history

I'm off to man the phones in a call centre for people looking for the numbers to ring for the Red Cross, the fire alerts, for people wanting to know where they can donate clothing, for those trying to find loved ones who are missing.
I'm not being pious, it's something I can do for others coz sitting here in tears isn't helping anyone.

1856 Melbournians liked a good read but alas Tim Berners-Lee was slack and hadn't invented the internet yet so they stuck with the opening of the Melbourne Public Library instead.

1864 The first and only member of the colonial forces serving in The Shaky Isles, Charles Heaphy, to be  recommended for the VC on this day.... he finally received it in 1867.

1875 One might think the gals were running amok....or one may assume they were getting out of hand...or they needed a little polishing to bring them up to scratch; whatever the reason, Presbyterian Ladies College opened in Melbourne.

1928 St George's Private Hospital in NZ did what most buildings do best - it opened its doors for business.

1960 *gasp* By some shocking over-sight Mrs. Garrett, that frail member of the fragile female sex, was made the first jury forewoman in NZ.
*tongue now removed from cheek*

For phone numbers click HERE.


  1. "I'm off to man the phones in a call centre for people looking for the numbers to ring for the Red Cross, etc..."

    If they don't know the number already, how will they know the number to phone up and ask?

  2. Doing something constructive has to be so much better than listening/reading the media and watching the toll rise.

  3. *hug* take care, luv.

  4. It's a general phone number, Brian.

    Yes, that's it exactly, Anja. Tired of feeling useless at home.

    Ta, Nomes. Mwah.

  5. Great idea Jayne,
    As you well know I am thoroughly sick of sitting up here listening to
    the helicopters and alarms going off,
    in this smokey atmosphere, wondering if what I am doing is right. Would love to be elsewhere right now, doing something else, and thinking about something else ie at work!

  6. Can I come with you?

    I want to do something constructive too.

  7. Yes, constructive is good. I was feeling so powerless over here until I read there are numbers I could ring and donate. If everyone just did a little something, it would add up to a big something.

  8. Manning phones etc makes you feel like you are helping in some way. Good on you Jayne. Such a hard time for everyone. It is getting big coverage over here and I just feel for everyone when I look at the photos and read what is going on. I have donated through Red cross here. Like WS if everyone does a little something it adds up to a big something.

  9. I know what you mean - I'm in Brisbane and feel useless.
    So we give blood, we agree to do doorknock - again, we collect clothing manchester toys etc to send down in tomorrow's truck heading south....

  10. Onya Mrs Garrett - and onya Jayne.

    I heard that the blood bank has received at least 10 times their monthly amount this week so far. May it last.

  11. Thanks, gals.
    It's just something, you know?

  12. Good on you Jayne!!!!
    Take care Mdm. Admin.

  13. Good on you Jayne -you are a trooper !
    I wish I could do something constructive too.