Sunday, February 1, 2009

Stupendous Trivial History Sunday February 1

Fixed the 'puter so I no longer need to re-boot it every 10 mins.
Yes, I actually timed it. No, I don't actually have a life.
It's always something simple.
Well, this time it wasn't the simpleton driving the 'puter but the firewall someone had put on.
Umm...on second thoughts maybe it was the simpleton behind the wheel of the keyboard....

1842 The good ship Fifeshire lobbed into Nelson with the first load of the New Zealand Company's latest immigrants.

1843 Those in the Female Factory in Parramatta were a tad boistrous while having a wee riot so the militia was trumpeted out and they arrested 80 naughty gals.
Tsk tsk.

1851 The anti-transportation hoi polloi rabble roused in meeting form in Melbourne and tried to make themselves better than they ought to be by lobbying long and loud for an end to those dirty, dirty convicts being dumped on the doorstep of the Eastern Colonies of Oz.

1858 William Dean was a chap with lofty ideals so he put his money where his mouth was and made the first balloon ascent in the wide brown land of Oz from Cremorne Gardens near Richmond, Vic.

1886 A little exotic something for Reuben, Andrew and Daniel - locals in Alphington and Clifton Hill were a tad miffed at the lack of direct links to Melbourne so they cobbled together their own private passenger service and on this day the Alphington Gas Tram began choofing along the streets, strictly between the hours of 9am -5pm.
It was simply a gas engine, designed by John Danks of the Danks plumbing company, attached to the back of a garden variety tram carriage. The little gas engine that could hung up its tram ticket in May 1888 when the Outer Circle railway gave Clifton Hill a connection to Melbourne.
A possible answer to our current transport woes, gentlemen?!

1915 Those rainbow coloured stones known as opals began shimmering and casting their lure upon man when Coober Pedy was stumbled upon.

1952 Another (almost) privately operated passenger service was the Kerang to Koondrook train that opened in 1889 thanks to the Kerang Shire Council not having deep pockets and building the line.
Victoria Railways took it over and, after a while, The Powers That Be decided they were the ones with deep pockets and closed the line on this day.

1955 NSW became the first state of Oz to abolish the early closing hours for pubs thus kicking the 6 o'clock swill to the scrapheap where it belonged.

1981 Things got pretty damn ugly at the MCG when Greg Chappell mistook his captaincy of the Oz cricket team for the title of Lord Muck and ordered his brother Trevor to bowl underarm the final ball to the Kiwi batter Brian McKechnie.
Or you could try to buy the genuine replica cricket ball HERE....

2004 The Ghan set off on its 3 day hike from Adelaide, through the Red Centre of Oz and up to Darwin.


  1. "Those in the Female Factory in Parramatta were a tad boistrous while having a wee riot..."

    A wee riot? Would that be the same as a golden shower? (Hangs head in shame and shuffles off sideways.)

  2. *Gives Brian 50 lashes of the cat with a bacon butty perched just out of reach*

  3. That underarm bowling incident is still deeply infamous over here. Whenever anyone wants to be a bit anti-Australian, that comes up, sure as anything. I still remember seeing it on the telly when it happened. No worries, most of us also know it was a one-off.

  4. A possible answer to our current transport woes, gentlemen?!

    If it actually made the journey and delivered passengers to where they intended to go, then it is a fine example to follow.

  5. Not too many were impressed with it over here, either Lisa!
    Whenever kids want to bowl underarm they're told "Don't you dare do a Trevor Chappell!" ;)

    Goodness, Andrew, you think it's possible for pubic transport to actually transport passengers...ever?

  6. *Gives Brian 50 lashes of the cat with a bacon butty perched just out of reach*

    Maybe Brian would be pleased about this form of 'punishment'?

  7. that ball will never be forgotten........

  8. And what a shame that the transport system hasn't been updated since the Alphington tram was put into place...

  9. We still have conversations about the eternal shame the underarm bowling brings to our nation.

    Still haven't found an angle to make it "right".

    Still, pity Ricky couldn't have used it a few times this season.

  10. Think you'd be hard pressed to wipe the smile off his face, Anja ;)

    Carved on the national psyche, B.

    Oh, but they did put "Do Not Spit" signs at Flinders St Station during the Spanish influenza, MD. Doesn't that count?

    Ricky needs to go back to kindergarten, Jeanie.
    Oops, did I say that out loud?

  11. 1915 - Coober Pedy - Opals.

    Really? I thought the opal fields were discovered long before that. I love opals.

    I remember reading in the paper about the Ghan. I lived quite close to Keswick station at the time and thought I'd wander on down for a look. Didn't happen. I was lazy, or something.

  12. Anja

    "Maybe Brian would be pleased about this form of 'punishment'?"

    That entirely depends on whether I was eventually allowed to eat the bacon butty or not.

  13. Other opal fields maybe, River, but Coober Pedy was a late starter ;)

    We'd have to think about that, Brian :P