Friday, February 27, 2009

Stupid Redneck Saturday Fever February 28

 Beware the rednecks on the prowl, they're determined to howl down any reasonable voice or argument about the cause of the horrific bushfires.
My cousins work in emergency services and have copped "brave" armchair "experts" screeching like baboons just out of the trees should anyone disagree with their mantra that "It's all the Greenies fault".
Oh, yes, these know-it-alls who were nowhere near the fires, who witnessed nothing, who have done nothing to assist, who trot out their useless qualifications to try to prove themselves better than others who risked their lives and who really know next to nothing prove the old adage very true - empty vessels make the loudest noises.
The sunflower, while as yellow as the streak down some rednecks backs, proves to have a far stronger spine and morals.

 1790 Hospital assistant John Irving became the first convict to be emancipated....and, ye, he did thus go merrily upon the fields of flowers skipping in his joy, showering gay maidens and elderly widows with posies and his wildest dreams, he did.

Feeling feverish, John Irving dreamt of large iron wheelbarrows carnival rides...

1945 Kiwi soldier David Russell was re-captured by the Nazis, having already escaped from one of their work camps,and executed in Ponte di Piave.
Read more about this brave soul HERE.

1947 The usual suspects were up to their mischief when the Eureka to Buninyong railway line (aka The Bunny Hop Line) was closed forever.

1959 The Victorian Railways St Kilda to Elwood Electric Street Railway (aka tram) was no more when, yet again, those who couldn't create destroyed what had been built by those who came before them.

Another satisfied customer of the now-defunct St Kilda Electric Dream Tram (cattle prods optional).

1967 Canterbury Cricket Team became the first NZ cricket team to defeat the Australian cricket team which had popped in for a quickie.


  1. "It's all the Greenies fault".

    When I was a kid, a 'greenie' was something that could be found lurking up somebody's nose. Considering the exploding gum trees, the rednecks might actually have a point.

  2. According to old bushies, scientists and witnesses the climate, the weather, the eucalyptus oil in the air after a long dry period, the winds - it all made for a freak event that was a great deal more than just the fuel load build up, Brian.
    The air itself was on fire, from the eucalyptus oil, as the St Andrew's CFA brigade explained to local members.

  3. Why do people always have to have a black and white answer and someone to blame. Sometimes shit just happens and it sucks but thats the way it is.

  4. Of course they need someone to blame. That's how witch hunts started in the past.