Saturday, February 21, 2009

Surprisingly, Saturday's turned up again February 21

 Things are happenin, busy, mayhem in a good way...perhaps...running around madly, *remember to breathe* Feral Beast attacking uni studies....learning Russian...boat trip on Sunday on scraped and scoured Port Phillip Bay....must remember to ring local gem club....metal detector laws......
Just chat amongst yourselves,ok?

1853 Daniel Inwood, not quite keeping off the streets but definitely out of mischief, set up his flour mill where the Waimairi Stream puddled across Straven Road in Canterbury.

When next you pass through Dennis - the suburb, not the chap - you'll be able to impress total strangers with the knowledge it was named after Samuel Dennis who was a clever clogs stone mason and got himself made Mayor.

1879 At 8am an explosion in the coal mine at Kaitangata, near Otago, left 34 men dead.

1927 3DB began broadcasting in Melbourne. It borrowed the initials of the Druleigh Business and Technology college and was launched upon the world with a Children's Hour at 6.30pm.

If you're keen to bone up on old Daniel Inwood don't get confused with the character from Married With Children (easy mistake to make) but remember he was the first miller in Canterbury and you may wear your eyeballs out reading this extract HERE.

1945 Menzies decided on changing the cuffs to match the collars so he formally notified Parliament his party was no longer to be called Greedy Fatty BoomBah and The Profits of Doom United Australia Party but was now the (Not Really) Liberal Party of Oz.

1949 The City of Christchurch was grandly granted its armorial bearings which allowed councillors to get all swanky and splash a coat of arms around the billard room.

Eyreton was once known as Eyretown ( to be the bookend of West Eyretown) but we digress.
Twas named after a chappy who went by the title of Edward John Eyre who was briefly Lt-Gov of New Munster (but that's a whole 'nother entry so stop being greedy).

1952 Churchill set his people FREE!!!! by kicking the WW2 Identity Cards to the kerb.
Somehow they seem to be creeping back....

1953 The Taree RSL , down near the riverbank, had a small room attached to the side in which the radio station 2RE was birthed on this day.

This bit is filler what I can't find to stuff into this space and it's getting so late and I have to be up by 5am, oh bugger it here ya go.

1972 Christchurch was feeling a little orphaned, not having had any big sisters, so Adelaide skipped to the head of the class and offered to be her first Sister City.


  1. Today is also the day another Menzies was born: James Alexander Robertson Menzies, leader of the move to have Southland break away from Otago as a separate province in 1857, only to valiantly oppose the reunion from his Legislative Council seat in 1870. While the province existed, though, it did set out to build the start of the southernmost rail line, a wooden one to Bluff. More on that here. His bio is at the Dictionary of NZ Biography (great place to check out for who had a birthday on today's date).

  2. Ahhh, thanks for that, Lisa!
    Anyone who built a wooden rail line couldn't have been too bad lol.
    Only trouble with the Dictionary of NZ Biography is it won't let me look up dates in advance, otherwise I'd have regular Kiwi births of note ;)

  3. Where is the pav? I was promised Pav... with cream and now there is no pav.

    I think I'm sad about that.

    Metal detectors, sounds fun.

  4. True enough that DNZB just have who's born on the current day showing, Jayne, but -- for a bit of extra work involved (unfortunately) -- if you click on "Find" then "Advanced Search", you can narrow down by decade of either birth or death and find biographies that fall into those categories. Takes a bit of trawling to build up a database that way, mind.

    I'll keep my eyes open for a handy list, and flick it across to you. I do have one of two NZ chronologies hanging around the dusty corners of my house as well, I should look them up, if that'll help.

  5. "...scoured Port Phillip Bay."

    Beats me. I only scoured my saucepan last night.

  6. Does it help if I promise to take a photo of the next pav I hunt down?

    When you've got some free time that would be great, thanks, Lisa :)

  7. We'll take pics to explain it to you through your ear-trumpet, Brian.