Monday, February 16, 2009

Thick-ear Trivial Tuesday History February 17

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Today is the Fornacalia in Ancient Rome; the festival of ovens, bread and the oven goddess, Fornax, who taught us how to bake that yummy goodness that is bread.

1873 There was Russian-phobia running amok in both Oz and NZ, but the editor of the Daily Southern Cross newspaper used his imagination to cook a hoax about the supposed Russian invasion of Auckland from the ship Kaskowiski (cask of whisky) who nabbed the gold and the Mayor.
You can read the hoax HERE.

1883 Party, people! For the little swivel sign of "Vacant/Engaged" on dunny doors was patented by clever clogs Ashwell of UK.

1909 A 30 metre whale heard they weren't stocking the larger sizes anymore for those with "big bones"and beached itself on Okarito beach...and must forever have have the said big bones on display in the Canterbury Museum.

1936 Reg Ansett birthed Ansett Airways when he zoomed off into the air with a service between Melbourne and Hamilton on this day.

1939 The New Miller's Dept Store Building on the South Island played host to the very first escalator...they were lined up to see the new toy...!

1981 The Kiwis were enjoying Blondie even though The Tide is High.

1986  In Oz we were gettin' our groove on to Feargal Sharkey's A Good Heart Is Hard To Find.
And HERE he is in 2009.

1988 It is sad railway news to report that on this day some idiot halfwit twat dropkick ignorant fool closed the Linton to Skipton railway line.
Sorry, no pics of the stations but lots of info on the *gag* rail trails.


  1. Think I'll add those rail trails to the list of rail trails in my area I have yet to explore. I've got the bike, I've got the carrier basket for my lunch and water bottle, all I need is nice flush toilets along the route.

  2. Banner? What banner? All I can see is the half empty mug sat on one of my speakers.

  3. Flush toilets?! That's getting a bit flash! lol

    Been associating with the crew from Kaskowiski again, Brian?

  4. I had to look at Feargal - and do you know what? He has actually improved in looks with age.

    Now I will be doing all the swaying and crooning all over the house because that song was running through my veins for a few weeks a long long time ago.

  5. Now I've got "A good heart these days is hard to find (a good heart), please be gentle with this heart of mine..." stuck in my head.

  6. somehow I did not expect fornicalia to be about bread and ovens............ lol

  7. You and me both, Jeanie lol.

    You could always go with You Little Thief, Deb :P

    I was a bit surprised the yeast ingredient was not about the usual, B :P

  8. Guilt by Accusation. I hope that doesn't go over on being a babydaddy.