Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tools, Tosspots and Fucksticks

Oh, the mob mentality is thriving in this current climate with the media whipping up the storm and baiting the public.
Oh, yes, how many brain cells do you NOT have to have to create an online hate group naming, "shaming" and threatening the accused arsonist.
Keep it up and you'll guarantee the accused won't get a fair trial and will not be able to face court.
But I think the damage is pretty much done and dusted.
But don't stop there!
Oh, no no no no!
Let's track down his ex girlfriend and abuse her, too. She hasn't actually done anything but hey! don't let that little fact stop the lynch mob.
So they tracked the alleged arsonist down damn fast and had him in custody before anyone could knit a noose.
Some questions are begging to be asked but I highly doubt we'll ever receive satisfactory replies.
How did they know who to look at? 
If he had previous form, why wasn't he supervised?
If he attended a special school, as claimed, then his IQ is 70 or below, rendering him incapable of fully appreciating his actions and the consequences.
This simply highlights the poor mental health system in Victoria.
If, on the other hand, there was a witness to him lighting fires, then why did this person not extinguish the fire?
Surely any witness to a fire lit on such a dreadful day, who did not take action, is just as (if not more so) guilty as they would have had a firm grasp of the result.

Now, before you rush off to send me an email claiming that I'm making excuses for the accused, I'm not.
Go back and re-read, CAREFULLY, what I have said.
Even IF he IS guilty, then he WON'T be able to have a FAIR trial.
IF he CANNOT get a FAIR trial then he WON'T have to face charges.
He will be let go.
Directly due to stupid hate groups' actions.
IF he was able to have a FAIR trial then it MIGHT come to light if there had been witnesses or people who were aware of his actions and who should have taken steps to prevent this horrible fire.

If there is no trial there will never be any satisfactory answers, only innuendo, supposition and unsubstantiated rumour.


  1. I completely agree with you, Jayne. The hype blinds people from seeing what is, in fact, a much larger issue.

  2. Jayne - good comments. The mob want someone to blame.

    Yes it is a tragedy and IF someone lit the fires then they should be held acocuntable for their actions.

    Media like the Herald Sun are so into the gutter on these items they have pictures of a woman who was his friend on myspace in the paper. She has no direct links to the fire that we know of, yet her picture is in the paper for all to see. Poor woman.

    Gutter journalism at it's worst.

    I heard today on the radio that some media outlets got a group of residents together to talk about the fires and how to get some pressure on the police to find the arsonist.. they contorted the event to make it look like a lynch mob. fuckers.

  3. Jayne I do media and this is gutter Journalism at its worst. The law says innocent until proven guilty. Utter stupidity! good on you for exposing this kind of crap. I fully support your comments here.


  4. A also agree with you Jayne. And how sad it is that the grief cycle contains anger. We have gone from a beautiful community spirit to a lynch mob out for revenge.

  5. Did you see Media Watch last night?

    My sister, a former journalist, tried to tell me when she was working they really discussed what was sensitive and what was sensationalised.

    I told her she had rose coloured glasses about it, and there are some who will pump up the fever to the nth degree.

  6. Facebook & MySpace have their benefits -- but this case is where the online community tool is turned to the worst. Good job the hate sites have been taken down.

    As for the Herald Sun publishing the accused's name and photograph --looks like they're very keen to follow in their British namesake's footprints, ay? The latter doesn't have a good reputation, and the former's is likely to get worse. A bit late, they have the following in an article published today:

    “The anger is all around us,” the judge said.

    Mr McMahon said that because of the “vicious” material in the media “community anger suddenly has a focus”.

    And he said that because of the level of hatred on the internet it would be unthinkable that responsible media organisations would even consider publishing [the accused's] address.

    Justice Smith adjourned the application to Friday and it seems likely the HWT application will not be heard until next week.

  7. seems emotion or $$$$ and ratings has got in the way of common sense. This kind of media frenzy is doing anyone any good.

  8. Burn 'em! String 'em, up from the nearest gum tree and burn the bast...oh...er...maybe not.

  9. I also agree.

    Just think back, and we can all find examples of this mentality.

    Eg: dead stingrays with their tails cut off, soon after Steve Irwins death... invade iraq because bin laden is hiding in afghanistan...huh?

  10. Couldn't agree more, Jayne. I was sent an invitation to this facebook group on the weekend and deleted it immediately. I don't want to be party to vigilante "justice" (I used the word loosely, nor do I want to compromise an investigation.

    Sadly, the people involved don't seem to be particularly educated. There are problems here both with the justice and mental health systems that a bunch of dimwits expressing their anger on Facebook will not influence. It only inflames.