Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Trilling Trivial Thursday History February 19

I dunno about this Twitter thing.... does the following constitute Twitter Rage ? Twitter flaming? Twitter trolling?
Disagreed - SLIGHTLY -  with "A Person" by posting a URL and suddenly I was being challenged by someone else who demanded (several times) that I provide HARD EVIDENCE from multiple scientific studies no less to prove my stance has any merit...of course I keep all sorts of those things on hand just because I.Have.An.Opinion.
OMG! Someone with An Opinion!
As I was not interested in engaging in full-raging battle with this tool (or allowing anyone to waste my time by trying to shove their opinion down my gullet) I laughed him off and sarcastically let him think I'd agreed with him....which was clear I hadn't, if he'd read my reply properly.
I do so love the "Block" feature of Twitter...

It's Chocolate Mint Day!!!
What a damn fine day to celebrate!
And, of course, if you don't like mint with your chocolate it's perfectly alright to nom on all sorts of chocolate that floats your boat.

And who could resist throwing themselves into the fun that is Temporary Insanity Day.
Yes, boys and girls, there is a day devoted to it so spend your waking hours today on proving how mad you really are to those around you.
They'll thank you for the heads-up.

1856 Exotic dancer (that's exotic NOT erotic you smutty minded people) Lola Montez - who was neither Spanish nor a trained dancer -was greatly displeased with a bad review written by the editor of the Ballarat Times, Henry Seekamp, about her.
So she took to him with a horse whip.
Totally justified, Your Honour...!

1873 By the narrowest of margins the Anglican Synod thought better of flogging off the land on which the Christchurch Cathedral is parked.

1883 Pacifist Maori leaders Te Whiti o Rongomai and Tohu were finally released from prison where they'd been held, without charge, since almost 2 years earlier in November 1881.

1894 Steam trams began chugging their way to Bondi; getting a full head of steam up they could gallop along at 65km/ph, birthing the saying "to shoot through like a Bondi tram".

1938 21 workers on the Gisborne - Wairoa railway line were drowned when a flash floodhit the work camp at Kopuawhara.

1942 The first two of 60 air-raids on Darwin resulted in 10 ships sunk in the harbour, 25 ships damaged, 23 planes destroyed and 251 deaths.

1943 Japanese planes flew over Sydney, sparking sirens and anti-aircraft fire.

1973 Carly Simon had the Aussies crooning - and guessing - who she meant when she sang her number 1 single You're So Vain.


  1. Yer, whateveereer. At my miniscule age young lady, who gives a shit.

  2. I didn't understand a single word in the first couple of paragraphs of this posting...and I haven't even had a drink.

  3. I know a messageboard or two which can get just like that Twitter saga. You provided a back-up source of info, Jayne. The other party had every right to say, "No, that's not right," and shove their own link up on the billboard. Obviously, though, you didn't provide enough drama for 'em (maybe their favourite soapie on the telly is in hiatus?)... well done on the blocking.

  4. Ooooh. With this day ahead nonsense it appears you must have know that Non Sequitur was planning a Twitter cartoon for my morning paper.

    Coincidence??? Perhaps. But you having spooky powers delights my mind more.

  5. Chocolate Mint day and Temporary Insanity Day!!

    What a great combination............... lmao

  6. LOL Dave.

    I didn't understand the exchange when it happened, Brian!

    Much better to ignore and walk away, Lisa ;)

    Hope you've posted that cartoon, Elizabeth lol.

    It's a REd Letter Day like no other, B lol.

  7. Chocolate Mint AND Temporary Insanity? Sign me up for several February 19s a month, thanks!

    As for the twitter fool... is foolish, no?

  8. Seems I can do what ever I want today then?


    And yeah, I am watching a rather heated abortion argument at the moment. Twitter can be full of dicks.

  9. Yes, I agree several Feb 19's each month would go down a treat, MD ;)

    Knock yourself out, Kel...but not literally with those pain meds!

  10. I gave up on twitter ...argh trolls are everywhere these days.

    I have to go buy some mint chocolate now ...temporary insanity day sounds good ...I have permanent twinsanity.

  11. Who was "Your so vain" about? Was it Mick Jagger or Warren Beatty?

    Meh, who cares. They're both fossils now. I wouldn't mind having a peek-a-boo at the abortion debate. I could hurt someone there. Damn, that sounds fun.

  12. LOL Trish. I've been good all day but I'm thinking I've earnt the choccy ;)

    She's only ever told 1 person, Anja and they've kept it a secret.

  13. Every day in my world is temporary insanity day. :)

    Chocolate mints? Meh. Give me chocolate coated balls instead please :)