Monday, February 9, 2009

Victorian Bushfire Support

Whether you want to donate or leave a message of support there's the Victorian Bushfires Support Site.

Tune into ABC radio for updates, contact numbers, news, etc.


Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

My family and I were so sorry to hear of the terrible loss of so many lives Jayne. I have a brother and sister living North of Sydney so we are concerned for them as well. sorry I haven't been over sooner the farm has been more demanding than usual as far as work goes. Thinking of you guys a lot and our sympathy goes to the families of the victims of this terrible tragedy. Thanks Jayne for posting this.

All the best

Myst_72 said...

Thanks Jayne for posting this, it's just beyond tragic.
Every bit of support will go a long way.


Timespanner said...

I'm president of a Lions Club here in Auckland. I'll see tonight at our meeting what can be done to help.

rhubarbwhine said...

My cousin lost her home last night. Razed to the ground. She lost everything she owned. Blessed be that she is safe.

Brian Hughes said...

They said on the BBC news that some of the fires had been restarted by arsonists after the firecrews had managed to extinguish them. I know that's not a very supportive comment...but I can only hope that said arsonists were amongst those who lost their lives.

Jayne said...

Thanks Liz, G and Lisa.

Rhubarb - thank heavens she's alive.

Brian, those bastard mongrel murderers are more cunning than a shit-house rat.

Deb said...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - this is surreal, and tragic beyond belief, but let's try and keep positive and focus on the good stuff. Victorians need all the support they can get. Live in gratitude. Live, laugh, and be there for your fellow neighbours (no matter how far away they may seem). Blessings all round xo

Widdle Shamrock said...

My prayers, love and thoughts are with our neighbours across the ditch.

Timespanner said...

The NZ Red Cross have set up a donation phone number and online donation system -- the government's already put $500,000 in the kitty. Hopefully, much more follows that.

Jayne said...

Deb, the positive is so small in number but huge when compared to the heart break.

Every prayer helps, WS.

Lisa, that's wonderful news, thank you so much. Making me have a little cry.