Wednesday, February 25, 2009

When Thursday General Talks Trivial History February 26 You Better Listen To Him

 Oh exciting times we live in, poppets and moppets!
Feral Beast is enjoying the reading list for his university unit, he's learning guitar, he's getting stuck into Russian language school each Saturday morning, his cricket team is in the finals, his backhand in tennis is improving, one of the seniors at his nature club is going to organise both archaeologists and paleontologists to give talks in the coming months (ex nature club members), the talk next month is on sketching in the field for beginners (perfect!), he's had more wins than losses in lawn bowls this year and he'll be starting at the local gem club this Saturday arvo....
And his mother is exhausted just keeping up with the diary...!

1844 Pistols at Dawn were the weapons of choice for lawyers William Brewer and H.Ross in Sydney St, Wellington.
Billy Brewer was done a nasty mischief and he expired on March 4,1844.

1866 Governor Darling was recalled.
Ahhh, yes, well I remember the dear, sweet little numbers he wore when out promanading upon the grassed lawns of the Colonial Parliament House, the dashing hand-tooled shoes that matched his hair ribbons so well and the delicious little draw-string bags he wore at his waist....oh.
*ahem* He was recalled back to Britain.
Though his ensemble for the voyage was simply darling...

1903 The Royal Commission report on handling grain *yawn* was...just...soooooo enthralling *yawn* ...that *yawn* hmmmm....*yawn*...put Victorian Parliament *yawn* .....*yawn* to ....sleeeeeeeepzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

1931 The Bowker Fountain in Victoria Square, Christchurch was officially unveiled.

1938 The Summit Road opened in The Shaky Isles.

1974 Mungo Man, the adult male skeleton unearthed near Lake Mungo in NSW, got lots of dirty people very excited.....and not for smutty reasons.

1985 Dwarf tossing raised its ugly head in a popular Surfer's Paradise nightclub as a jockey-throwing contest was ditched when no jockeys fronted up for the pleasure of being bodily bowled.

And for a plethora of other events, births, deaths, happenings and amazing things on this date check last years entry HERE.
Coz NZ and Oz are such hip happenin' places we need more than one entry to cover all the things that happened...


  1. " of the seniors at his nature club is going to organise both archaeologists and paleontologists to give talks in the coming months..."

    I've got my script all written...just waiting for the free air tickets to be sent.

  2. ...oh to be in the neighbourhood. I'd come just to listen.

  3. Oh my stars, does Feral Beast ever stop? No wonder you're exhausted. I would need a blood transfusion and oxygen trying to keep up with that.

  4. Actually, I shall expect FB to closely question the speakers having read your book, Brian! ;)

    They're the fun type of lecture, Elizabeth :)

    LOL Anja. That's why I eat so much chocolate...well, that's my excuse lol.

  5. I'm tired just looking at his list of activities......... and people think I'm busy! lol

  6. Apparently I sit about doing nothing all day, B....I wish LMAO!

  7. Good god. That is an exhausting schedule. How do you find the time to do anything else at all?