Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Who's a happy lil camper, then?

Ohhhhhhhhh, I'm having a (cautious) quiet yippeeee to myself here at the moment.
Got the 'puter back - buggered motherboard that was still under warrenty - with the Most.Important.Bits saved...IE the chronology I've built up over 2 yrs and ALL the photos.
NB - burn photos to CD, print out copies and keep 'em backed up elsewhere, too.
So, now I can potter online, read my emails and drink my copious cups of tea without having to re-boot every 10 mins.

Last night, whilst enjoying the History Channel's airing of the original Time Team from way back in the dim dark past of 1996 (where men grew beards like hedgerows and Tony had hair) I perused the telly guide for Tuesday only to discover....
Time Team (2007 episodes) is back on ABC1.
And we still have Time Team (2003 episodes) on ABC2 Wednesday nights.
3 nights per week of Time Team....is there such a thing as TT overdose?
NAY, I declare!


  1. It is amazing how we lived without computers.

  2. Great news about your computer, Jayne. I can remember LBC (life before computers) ... doesn't stop me getting a tad frantic if something happens and I can't use mine for a while through breakdown, though.

  3. LOL
    Yep, got a book read, housework completed and watched tv ;)

  4. Oh, I know how you feel, Lisa!

  5. Yay for fixed computers, I have all my photos saved to an external hard drive but I dont have any copies of my blog posts.. methinks it is time to back that up as well..

  6. If you love it and it enriches you then there's no such thing as too much of it.

    At least, that's what I told myself when I watched an entire season of the West Wing in one day...

  7. I'm thinking of investing in one of those external hard drive thingies, Kim ;)

    Exactly, MD ! ;)

  8. We're watching Time Team 2009 over here and I can inform you that Tony's pot belly is even pottier, his thinning pate is now virtually bald and Phil's shorts have finally made a gallant push up his nether crevice never to be seen or heard of again...

  9. ...and you're offering to fish them out for him, Brian? :P

  10. No need, thank god...there's a team of experienced pot holers down there already.