Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wickedly Trivial Wanton History Wednesday Webruary 25

Yes, dear readers, I am considering your suggestions quite seriously and looking into publishing my own book of warped Oz history.
I will , of course, continue to irritate idiots with the daily entries of trivial Aussie history....I shall just irritate the idiots of a far larger scale!
To those who are groaning in pain, you may thank a great many people out there in blog land who have been ever-so-gently poking at me to do this.
And you can proof-read each and every page for your sorrow!

1864 The Banana Benders had developed a love for the iron horse aka railroad when they began work on their first track from Ipswich to Toowoomba.
From the Richmond Guardian newspaper February 25, 1899 -
A narrow escape for a lady who, in the darkness, slipped and fell from the platform of Burnley train station onto the tracks.
The 10 o'clock express train from Hawthorn was approaching but fortunately for the female visitor from New Zealand a local solicitor grabbed and dragged her up onto the platform just as the train rushed past.

1908 Christchurch was to be-ing or not to be-ing when it's Theatre Royal dramatically flung open its doors for the passing parade.

1922 The Kiwi film My Lady of The Cave premiered its own red carpet at the Grand Theatre on Queen Street in Auckland.

1943 Forty nine Japanese POW died in a riot at Featherston POW Camp in New Zealand.

1961 The last tram trundled down the streets of La Perouse, Sydney.

1978 Christchurch's New Brighton Mall was officially opened.


  1. Jayne, brilliant idea! Can't wait to see it.

  2. "I am considering your suggestions quite seriously and looking into publishing my own book of warped Oz history."

    Naturally I expect a signed, first edition copy, gratis.

  3. LOL
    Could be quite some time, MD, but thanks for the vote of confidence :)

    And of course you shall have one, Brian....heard you need a new doorstop in the wet weather in Britain :P

  4. Fiancing for you Warped Oz History book. Rob the Federal Reserve for starters. Send every government department both state and federal a huge bill for non-existent consultancy fees and watch the AUD roll on in. As for the gentle prodding business...are you certain they weren't using the electric ones?
    Cool on the bling there too Jayne. I'm going to go back to my hole now...

  5. My home town - Toowoomba.
    Yep - I'm a banana bender.

  6. great idea Jayne! Can I order my copy now?

  7. Good one Jayne! That is fantastic. I will pre-order my first edition too please!

  8. LOL Ta Liz ;)

    That's ok, FF, we didn't vote Qld off the island :P

    LOL B and LiD, yes and yes.

  9. A bit of interesting (at least I think so) trivia for you - these days, that Ipswich -> Toowoomba line takes a train around 4 hours to travel... vs 45-60 minutes via road. It's in regular use.

  10. Crikey, that's a fair difference in transport times, Nomes!

  11. Self publishing would be fantastic. I will be first in line to purchase a copy of your book.